Hello ! I am excited to investigate this resource and opportunity. I am from and live in Virginia. I discovered this site or tool after watching a RV presentation last night. It concluded with a Q&A.
Me? Contribute ? Hopefully I can in some small way. I was raised in the Church by third generation Christians… I did not know until I was older every thought they had or every mi e they ever made was through the lens of God Word. Such a blessing to have such in my DNA. I am so intrigued by the deep learned thinkers of others like Ravi and look forward to this site being part of my journey.
God Bless.

Where are you from?

What led you to join Connect?

How do you hope to contribute?


Welcome to Connect, Tim. :smiley: It’s great to hear of your family’s inspiration in your life. I look forward to hearing more from your questions and answers here on the forum.

P.S. I grew up on a farm in Virginia, so on a global forum like Connect, we’re practically neighbors, haha.


Yes we are neighbors ! I live in Richmond but my family was from the southwestern part of the state where they were tobacco farmers .

Thanks for reaching out and God bless. This seems to be a wonderful site.


So wonderful to have you here @GodMade. I’m looking forward to your thoughts and insight out here in the forums. Enjoy browsing the topics and feel free to engage :slightly_smiling_face: