God's awareness and involvement with us and his creation?!

Is God involved in everything we go through and feel. As a person there are things I experience on a daily basis that I experience/feel even though in the moment I don’t really ponder. I guess I’m asking does God the Lord have a meaning and or is He involved in these things? Here’s the verses that come into mind that to me say Yes and make me shout in my heart hallallujah! Daniel and His friends when they were cast into the furnace (nebechenezzar) You have to wonder and shout with joy and a little bit of laughter at Nebz response I see daniel and His three friends but wait! (my paraphrase) I also see one like the Son of God! :blush::blush::heart::heart: Israel about to cross the Red Sea Egypt pursuing! They shout the Lord is fighting for them! The wonderings in the wilderness even though they sinned. God supplied bread and water. A pillar of fire at night and a cloud to lead the Isrealites by day! Sourounding peoples asking false prophets to curse the people (baalam/balak) He then said I can only do what The Lord says. Balaams donkey speaking! The Lord even shows concern for the donkey! The Lord gracefully is involved! What a Joy and comfort to know! I believe Hezekiah was the king who was sick and He sought the Lord and God added onto his life! Jesus own ministry to the sick and hurting. He’s involved! God telling elisha or ellijah to pray for it Not to rain then rain after so many months or Years?!:blush: The feeding of the Widow and the prophet! Showing God would meet her need if she trusted Him!

I hope this helps everyone as it helped me in meditating on God’s Word!

He’s involved!


Hi @Chad.Berry,

Thanks for the encouragement. Such is God’s omnipresence nature, that He is definitely involved and present. I would depict, in a limited sense, His presence with us, like that of a father who took his kid to a playground. The father never let the child out of his sight, wherever he may be sitting. The child immersed in playing, will once a while look up and around to see where his father is, give that “Watch me, Daddy!” prompting… once in a while, the child moved to another area of the playground, still within sight of the father, if not the father would move to a position where he can safely monitor the child. But maybe the child moves to a position where from his viewpoint, he couldn’t see the father, and started panicking in fear, “Daddy! Daddy! where are you?” The father will then give a shout “Don’t worry, Daddy is here…” If the child falls or hurt himself, the father will rush in, “Don’t worry, Daddy is here.” and comfort him.

“Take courage, fear not, I AM with you!” is what our heavenly Father repeatedly says whenever we start to panic.

Psalm 121:8 NIV
the Lord will watch over your coming and going
both now and forevermore.

Psalm 139:3 NKJV
You comprehend my path and my lying down,
And are acquainted with all my ways.

We are never out of His sight!

Blessings in Christ,


Thanks so much for sharing @Chad.Berry and @RoySujanto ! It is so good to be reminded of His heart of Love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: for each of us! I can be so intent on studying His Word, that I can forget it is His Love Letter :sparkling_heart: to us!