Gods "calling"

Can someone help me understand how I as a christian am supposed to know what God is “calling” me to do? I know that the word “calling” is used in the bible to refer to Gods offer of salvation and Him calling us into eternal life and to holiness. But how exactly are we to know if God wants us to get involved in ministry or something of that nature? The reason im asking is because for awhile now ive had an intense desire to pursue religious studies and I have a desire to get involved in some kind of ministry.


I have found that Gods perfect will brings His perfect peace. When God called me to ministry I knew that I knew it was what He wanted me to do.
This book has been was a tremendous help to me and many others in knowing His calling by understanding how He calls us and speaks to us.
Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God hee is a link
Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God, Revised and Expanded https://www.amazon.com/dp/0805447539/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_ghwcEbNN9ADMN
Pray this is helpful. Please keep us posted as you find direction. The Lord bless and inspire.

@Brian Great question :slight_smile: I was taught at seminary, and I agree, that if you sense a call to ministry you should do the following:

  • get involved at ministry in your local Church and invite your local Church to help you identify your areas of giftedness
  • evaluate your own abilities and life stage honestly to understand what would be a good decision for you
  • if your gifts are in areas such as teaching or preaching, prayerfully consider seminary. If your gifts are in other areas, perhaps being a lay leader or counselor makes more sense. Ask a few wise elders you know for guidance and take time during the discernment process.

I highly recommend Garry Friesen’s book on this topic — see link below. May Christ grant you wisdom as you seek to understand the best way to use your talents for Him.

I also highly recommend this resource:

Not sure why the link is showing as an MP3. If you click on it it will take you to the paperback version.

I thought these were public threads on the website. Didnt realize we were emailing. Lol. Yeah a friend of mine told me about that same book. I need to read it. Theres a common misconception among christians that we have to figure out what gods will is for our life, meaning, we have to discern his “blueprint”-what car he wants us to buy, where he wants us to live, who he wants us to marry, what he wants us to eat for dinner etc.

And from what I understand that notion is unbiblical. God gave us the gift of reason as a tool for decision making, and I think friesen talks about that in the book. Going back to my question I think maybe the same thing applies. When we talk about god having a “calling” on our lives in the sense of us being specifically appointed by him to serve in some kind of ministry the question that needs to be asked is 1). Is the notion of a divine calling biblical? And 2). If it is then how are we to know it? If God does not speak to us in a clear, audible voice telling us to be a pastor or teacher then what do we do?

And this I think is where your advice makes sense. Evaluating our gifts and capabilities. Getting advice from others. Praying. Knowing the things that tug on our heart.

Its not enough to just have some vague, subjective “sense” that god is telling us something. By the way your advice was helpful. I appreciate it.

What seminary did you go to?

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@Brian Glad it helped :slight_smile: I went to Moody Theological Seminary and had a blast! Really enjoyed my cross-cultural studies and hermeneutics classes.