God's Revelation Through the Bible

(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi friends, this upcoming Sunday I will be teaching on how we can know God because we have the Bible. How would you approach this topic?

Recommended resources are helpful - but, I’m most interested in any illustrations, particular lines of thinking, etc. that you would take to explain, in a faithful way, to a skeptic, how we can know that Christianity is true because we have the Bible.

I hope that makes sense - I look forward to learning from each of you!

(Dave Kenny) #2

Hmmmmm… I don’t know if this is the kind of answer that you are hoping for in this thread… but I’ll offer it none the less, even if its only point is to offer a contrast!

One angle that you might be able to work with (given your philosophy background) is to touch on the age old wedge of idealism vs materialism… that is… did mind produce matter, or did matter produce mind? At rock bottom, this is the initial point of departure for all of us!

Once you have taken the necessary time to touch on the challenge of the finite being able to grasp and comprehend anything which is ‘other’ than itself, namely the infinite, then the adequate foundation is laid for the only possible solution… revelation

At this point, you could shift gears and present the bible according to judicial terms. Witnesses, testimony, correspondence, coherence etc…

The court analogy and the recorded testimony of witnesses (the Bible) might be useful for the skeptical audience and really zero in the fact that a record like the Bible is exactly what we should expect in the event that the infinite did in fact reach out to the finite and make Himself known…

Just one way to go…


(Melvin Greene) #3

What a great subject, @CarsonWeitnauer! I imagine that there are hundreds of things that can be pointed out. One of the examples that stand out to me is the advanced instructions that God gave the Jews when they were wandering in the wilderness. All of those instructions that pertained to keeping themselves clean. I’m talking in particular the ones that deal with certain skin diseases, as well as cleaning themselves when they had to handle dead animals and people. God gave them these instructions to keep plagues and diseases from spreading. Do you realize how advanced that was? Germs and bacteria were unknown at that time. I’m not saying that the Jews knew about them, but I believe that was the intention of God. No other civilization at that time practiced these procedures. I believe that it wasn’t until the 1800’s before science discovered germs and bacteria and ways to prevent the spread of infection.

(David Cieszynski) #4

There’s the scene in God’s not dead 2 where the retired inspector who specialised in cold cases pointed how the ‘differences’ in the Gospels actually confirmed the events. Yet they were written decades apart.

You could always ask Amy-orr-ewing (sorry Amy of I misspelled your surname).

(Jimmy Sellers) #5

Try electricity as a comparison to God and physics as a comparison to the Bible. It is possible to understand electricity from a purely mathematical point of view. You can know all about electricity and never experience it. You can’t see it. You can measure it, quantify it, transport it, create with it and destroy with it but you will never really know electricity until you experience it, ask any electrician who has found themselves the shortest path to ground for a live wire and lived to tell about it.
The Bible is analogous to the math needed to know electricity. The Bible will get us there but it the power of God that will ground us. Ask anyone who has experienced it.:grinning: