Going to Temple

(Robert Boase) #1

Recently had a Brief conversation with a young lady who was moving to AZ. I asked her to do me a favor once she gets out there, to find a church home. Her response was, “I don’t really do that sort of thing”, I might look for a temple (buddist).”

Curious to ask what your response might have been to her response?

(C Rhodes) #2

I probably would recommend going to both. I would advise, in light of current social ideology, in order to be truly accepting, tolerant, or inclusive they would need to be open to both world views. To only attend the Buddist temple would make them guilty of attempting to control the narrative of the redemptive story. And that wouldn’t be in-line with 21st-century thinking. At the worst, they may witness human frailty within the House of GOD, but that can be easily found in the Buddist temple as well. If upon careful considerations they have questions about the faithfulness of GOD, then even long-distanced we could explore those questions together.