Gokul Suresh

Hello… friends ,
I’m so happy to connect with you all ,
I hope it will encourage my Christian life, I’m from southern India specifically Kerala,
My parents raised me as a Hindu but the Lord revealed himself to me, and it is a great pleasure to share my questions with you

Thank you


@Gokul_Suresh Nice to meet you!

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Yah me too

Hi @Gokul_Suresh, we are blessed to have you here. I am thankful the Lord revealed Himself to you and would love to hear more about that. We have a place for testimonies if you ever feel led to share :pray: https://connect.rzim.org/c/christian-growth/member-testimonies/150
In the meantime, I trust you will find insightful conversations to encourage you in your Christian walk.
Take care and enjoy your time here :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to Connect Gokul! We are so glad to have you with us! This is a great place for questions and I have personally learned so much from the discussions and the many different perspectives that the members have. I hope you are blessed and may your light shine for Christ in your community. :blush:


Hi Gokul, I am so glad the Lord revealed Himself to you so we could all meet you. Lets share with each other our love for Him through an encouraging word, like look what the Lord has done. Thank you for blessing me with your intro.


Welcome, Gokul - I have no doubt that you will find great encouragement and great answers on RZIM Connect! Looking forward to getting to know you!