good and evil people vs nouns by themselves

I have an old high school friend i have stayed in touch with since the 70s. We diverge widely on politics and religion. She is a Unitarian universalist. She is interested in discussing religion/faith with me bc I am such an oddball to her. She is interested in discussing origin , meaning, morality and destiny. I posed this question to her recently(sparked by reading Lennox’s booklet on Covid and God) and I wanted to post it here with her answer to get some feedback.

Me: Do you think there is good and evil, or do you think there are good and evil people?
Her: I think there are good and evil people. I don’t think there are good or evil forces.

I have been accused of being illogical but after listening to RZIM speakers and reading your books, I know her answer doesn’t make sense. Obviously I want to draw her out and discuss with her as the questioner. thoughts? thank you, Kathleen


Hi Kathleen

It is encouraging to hear of your friend’s desire to talk with you on topics of religion. It will be interesting to see how your discussion develops when chatting over such a diverse and important range of topics.

You probably would want to spend more time asking questions to help you understand what she actually believes. Questions on origin, meaning, morality and destiny is a good starting point. You might even ask her if you can have the opportunity to interview her to just find out more details about what she believes and why. This will also give you more information on where the best place to start might be in giving a defence for why you are a Christian. From your interview you might find 2-3 core differences from which to base your future discussions around. Through that process it is also a good time to formulate for yourself how you would answer the same questions and the reasons you came to your conclusions. This can help you to feel more confident in giving reasons for your faith.

With regard to your question and her answer about good and evil, her thought on morality would need further clarifying questions to help you to know what she specifically believes. What exactly is a good person? What is an evil person? Who or what determines what good and evil is? How do you personally know what is good and what is evil? What is the purpose of acting ‘good’? These are just a few of the many other questions that you could ask around this subject.

Enjoy the time spent getting to know your friend. Conversations like this can be amazing and who knows where God will lead it. You may well find that her rejection of certain Christian doctrines is not so much intellectual but originates from a personal or emotional motive. This is why it is so important to genuinely care for the people that God places in your life :slightly_smiling_face:.

Please let the community know if there was further thoughts or information that you were seeking from your question.