Good books to read by Apologists

We all know Ravi was a great apologists and RZIM speakers are as well. Who are other Apologists you may have read their books?


lee strobel 's case series is always worth mentioning, my reasons for recommending him (even though you might have read his books) are twofold: first, is the fact that he introduces various apologist in each chapter of his books and second, is that he has a very specific recommended reading list at the end of each chapter, which makes it easy for the reader to pursue whatever areas they find interesting. if you haven’t read his books yet, you can read him along side J. Warner Wallace. Cold case Christianity. Another book is love your God with all your mind by J.P Moreland , it has a good bibliography (it also recommends various organizations). read it along aside nacy pearcey 's book Total Truth , very insigtful. Paul copan is also very helpful , try an introduction to biblical ethics (co authored with Robertson McQuilkin), adresses issues such as : Arbortion, homosexuality, polgamy, love, law & much more, it also has a further reading list after every chapter. Another good book of his is Is God a Moral Monster . Greg koukl 's tactics is also mandatory. The Apologetics Study Bible also has various Apologist, i try to read it (skim it really) after every bible study session. also visit Apologetics 315 (website), it has tons & tons of resources.


Thank you very much.

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