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Good Deeds Question

Hi all,

I’d like to say first that I believe we’re all called to do good deeds, regardless of whether the deed falls in line with our gifting. Additionally, I know works don’t save us, they are an overflow of the change God has done in us.

All that said, is it right to feel called to do certain types of good deeds but not others? For example, I’ll be honest in saying that volunteering my time is something that I selfishly struggle with, and I don’t usually feel compelled to do. On the flip side, giving is something that comes much easier to me. Not to say I always give in every situation, but it’s easier for me to do than volunteer at a homeless shelter, give blood, etc. Another example is that I don’t feel a specific call to go on missions abroad, but I do feel called to serve in a college ministry and help college students navigate the difficult questions of faith and help them navigate the temptations of college in general.

I guess what is concerning to me is that I don’t want to use the excuse of “not feeling called” to do a certain good deed, if it’s really just me not wanting to do something. I apologize if this was a confusing post, but I would appreciate any insight!

Thank you,


Hello @ashtonbrewer94, my opinion is that its something you really have to pray about and ask God for wisdom. There are times when its just simply our flesh and we are lazy and don’t want to help. Other times its just not whats fitting for us. For example, I wouldn’t want a person who isn’t good with children teaching Sunday school lol Or someone who isn’t personable working as an usher in church.

It’s really about knowing if you’re bad at it or just not wanting to do it because you don’t want to be accountable for anything.

Just my 2 cents lol God Bless :slight_smile:


My short answer is: yes. :smirk: One person cannot possibly do all the good work that needs to be done. That was one of the things I had to learn early on in my life in ministry. ‘Need’ is fundamental to humanity, and as long as humans are around, there will be need. If I have a heart and an ear tuned to God’s voice, then I can know whether or not it’s for me to engage in one thing over another. Learning to say ‘no’ is actually a spiritual discipline; it’s called ‘fasting’. :wink: There are times in our lives where we are called to be focussed on different things, and it’s ok to say ‘no’ to some ‘good things’ in order to prioritise other ‘good things’.

I think that is an amazing and much-needed calling! If you can serve in that one spot with energy, then you are doing everyone a favour by saying no to the mission trip abroad or serving at a homeless shelter. (Though a thought could be to take some of your college students along and ‘kill two birds with one stone’?) :smile:


@ashtonbrewer94 Hey Ashton, thanks for posting this question; I’ve enjoyed reading through the responses. The nature of your question reveals the embedded desire that motivates you to selfless ministry. You are not alone in your effort to navigate the various realms of service. There is nothing more fulfilling than being in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing with the right attitude, and It’s certainly fascinating to see how God designed each one of us with different personalities and giftings to fill the various rolls within the numerous opportunities out there, however, a multiplicity if demands can seem to pull in all directions to the point that one might ask, “Why did God create us with restrictions and limitations? I can only do so much; wouldn’t it be nice to be capable of doing everything, so that I would be able to help everyone?” Though our limited talents and abilities may cause us to feel insignificant at times, we must remember that following the Lord will lead us to the center of dependence on Him (God gets the glory). Many times this position may be uncomfortable. The question is, “Am I WILLING to follow ANYWHERE?” Until this question gets answered, God’s orders will often remain silent. Having said that, I do believe that we will regularly find ourselves in the center of God’s will by doing what we are good at to help others. If God has given you a desire to help college students, and if you feel that you are gifted in that area of service, then pray that God would make it clear to you concerning how you ought to contribute. There is a huge need for Biblical mentorship.

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