Good option for Children's Bible

Does anyone have a good suggestion for a children’s bible? A friend with little Christian or biblical background is interested in learning and sharing more about God and the bible with her two small children (5 and 7 years old). I’m looking for something with devotionals and pictures and easy to understand language and stories. Any suggestions?


‘THE CHILDREN’S BIBLE’ by Scandinavia Publishing House provides the basic bible story in the CEV with amazing paintings for each story. Definitely recommend!

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My two oldest kids (6 and 8) have Fire Bibles and love them. They do have some comic book type pictures here and there and little deviotional comments. They are the ones our previous church would pass out to the kiddos once they got to first grade :slight_smile:. And they come in different versions, too, which is helpful. Looking forward to hear others’ suggestions, as these were the first Bibles my kids actually dug into, and since they love them, there wasn’t really a reason to try other ones.

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Oooo, thank you, @hluke. I’ll have to look into that one for one my youngest get a bit older.

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Thank you! I’ll check them both out!!


Here’s the link to that bible:

Have a good one!!!

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Hello @Aleone1207
I would like just to share with you this resource.
This is my favorite resource for kids’ Bible.

Try it. I hope it was helpful.

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One of my favorite Bible storybooks is the NIrV Read with Me Bible. The NIrV is a simplification of the NIV translation, so it stays close to Scripture and doesn’t add details that aren’t actually in the Bible. This storybook doesn’t have any devotionals, though, so it might not be what you’re looking for unless you find a separate devotional book that you like.