Good Prayer Books?

(Julia Bracewell) #1

Hey all,

For a while I’ve been reading out of “Valley of Vision”- beautiful puritan prayer book, but have been using it for about 3 years and looking for something new. I have found these pre-written prayers to be so encouraging with their theological accuracy, and the poetic language is also captivating for me personally. There is also something special about praying prayers and knowing many have prayed them before you. They are a great starting point for then moving into my own “free form” prayer.

Any recommendations from folks out there?

(Kathleen) #2

Hi, @Julia_Bracewell! Ah, the VoV - such richness! Have you ever used the Book of Common Prayer? It’s a good one, with many different prayers for all the different seasons of the year. It also connects them with daily readings, and the brevity of them allows for easier memorisation. My friends and I use it for our collective prayer times during the week.

(Julia Bracewell) #3

Yes! I bought a copy on sale a while ago but have yet to dig in! Thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

(Carson Weitnauer) #4

Hi @Julia_Bracewell, great question!

I wonder if there are any recommendations from the @Interested_in_Prayer group?

(Josué Aparicio) #5

Timothy Keller’s book Prayer is what I’m currently reading! 120% recommend!

(Carson Weitnauer) #6

Hi @josueaparicio, that reminds me of his devotional books. Both are excellent!

(Julia Bracewell) #7

Yes! I read this… sooooo fantastic!!

(David Cieszynski) #8

I too would recommend Timothy Keller book on prayer.

(Jimmy Sellers) #9

This is a book that might interest you. I have not read it but I know some people who have. Enjoy.

(Julia Bracewell) #10

Thank you! I will check this out :slight_smile:

(Kelly) #11

I am enjoying looking into some of these resources. My “must read” list is growing! I might need to take a speed reading course (lol). I found an online version of the Valley of Vision and I am enjoying praying through these prayers.

I would be curious of thoughts on using the Bible as a prayer guide. I’ve gone through several of the books and changed the wording so that it is a prayer. An example from the book of Hebrews: May we pay close attention to what we have heard; to Your gospel so that we don’t drift away from it. Romans: Today use me to make known and to have no doubt that it is the gospel (not the government, not people, not…) that is Your salvation to everyone who believes, and if I am fearful or intimidated, empower me with Your love and Your spirit so that I am not ashamed of it. Enable me to be righteous and to live by faith.

I add some of my own heartfelt words to the scripture that I am reading based on what is going on at that time, but consciously try to avoid changing the meaning. One bonus I am finding is that as I pray through these books, I’m beginning to know which book to go to for a particular subject and the “flavor” of each book.

(Martin Pitts) #12

Here is one book that several members of my church read and they recommend. I have a copy, but haven’t gotten to read it myself. This isn’t a book of prayers, just a book about praying.

And here is a Bible Study that I highly recommend. I took my Sunday School class through it, and it really helped me re-evaluate my prayer life.

I’m going to be adding these others to my must read list as well, and I’m looking forward to them. Hope you enjoy!

(Willem) #13

@Julia_Bracewell, Hi

I have found this book from Wesley Duwel a tremendous help in my prayer life.
Mighty Prevailing Prayer