Good resources to help our Muslim friends to find Christ

(James) #1

I’ve been following this channel recently called The Arabian Prophet by Christian Prince aka cp.

Cp is very knowledgeable and intelligent in Quran and helping out our muslim friends to leave Islam and find true salvation in Jesus.

He makes live shows almost every day on YouTube. If you have any Muslim friends with whom you are engaging about religion, you can ask them to call cp on Skype at DebateTV or if you want to get educated and learn more about Islam yourself, please follow his YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel :

There are also some other YouTube channels like
Acts17Aplogetics by David wood and
Apostate Prophet
Do check them out as well.

If you have any other resources please do share them in this thread.

Merry Christmas guys :blush:

(christopher van zyl) #2

Thanks for sharing!

(Mike Sweeney) #3

I would also recommend Rabbi Kirt Schneider’s Finding the Jewish Jesus on TBN. I personally like some of Jonathan Cahn’s work as well One of my favorite books is his The Book of Mysteries.