Gospel conversation goes wrong?

I tried to talk to this lady working in a grocery store about Christ but I didn’t think too much about what I said before I said it. In retrospect, my comment that was meant to be kind and life-giving sounded pretty rude and insensitive. When the lady said she doesn’t mess with Valentine’s Day it’s not really her thing I was like you just have to remember Jesus always loves you even if you don’t have a boyfriend. I meant it like even if you don’t have a romantic relationship to celebrate, you can be grateful for the love from Christ but I did not say this clearly or carefully. Does anyone ever feel this way after an encounter with someone? I feel so bad about it now!! What should I do? It is unrealistic to find this woman and try to speak to her again. I feel like I am a bad Christian. I was having a bad day and wanted to bring some hope to someone else but probably had a negative effect on her instead.

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Don’t second guess yourself Your motivation was to encourage her and share the love of Jesus.
We all have had thoughts of "I should have said this "or "why didnt I say that. "
That doesn’t make you a bad christian it makes you human. I believe it’s the enemy trying to stop us from sharing the good news after all if you get discouraged enough you’ll stop trying to share. Jesus is the only one who shared the gospel perfectly. Be encouraged!


Hi @Sgpage,

I am so encouraged that you planted a seed, as Greg Koukl (@scaryreasoner) might put it!

Let’s say you could have a do over! What would you say if the exact same scenario came up again?

I would probably bring up how I celebrate the love I have found in Christ because that never fails. Even though human love is flawed, Christ’s love is complete. Or how I choose to celebrate a different kind of love than the world does because it’s from Christ.