Gospel of Barnabas

What about the Gospel of Barnabas??


Here is a good starting point. Be sure to report back if this was helpful.


Thank You sir this is helpful.
So basing on what the gospel of barnabas says, can we conclude that the writer tried to disgrace Christ by contradicting other Gospels??

I think that it is safe to assume that the author(s) did not intend to advance the cause of Christ as we understand it today.

Hi, @Anuraag! I’m curious if there is any particular reason you ask about the Gospel of Barnabas? Have you come across some people who think it authoritative? Have you read it yourself? I’ve not, so I’d be interested to know if someone on here has!

@KMac I have come across about this particular gospel on social media which caught my attention. It actually stated that gospel of barnabas was written 2000 years ago and it is contradicting the new testament teaching and it strongly supports Islamic view of Jesus, that he was not crucified…
So I actually wanted to know about this particular gospel and that is why I have posted the question about this gospel. I would love to learn about it on this platform.


A few of my take aways.

  1. There is no scholarly agreement on a 1st century date, or the authorship in either camp.
  2. There are events is the book that are anachronistic in nature.ie jubilee is every 100 years. If it was written in the 1st century the writer would have known that jubilee was every 50 years. (Jubilee was changed to every 100 yrs by one of the Popes in the 13th or 14th century)
  3. The book contradicts the claims attributed to Jesus in Barnabas with the Quran.ie in Barnabas Jesus denies being the Messiah. In the Quran he is identified as Messiah.( A problem if the Quran is to considered to be inerrant)
  4. In Barnabas Jesus takes a boat to Nazareth. Nazareth is not a fishing village.
  5. The most controversial issue is that Barnabas claims that Jesus did not die on the cross (which confirmed the Quran’s account) and in my opinion this makes it extremely attractive to the Islamic position.
  6. Last and perhaps not as important there is nowhere in church historical writing that cites anything from the gospel of Barnabas. And it might be good to note that there 3 other works that are credited to Barnabas. An epistle, the acts of Barnabas and one other that I can’t remember.

I like to remind people that half the world’s population believes that a belief in Jesus is necessary for an enteral life. Christians believe that Jesus is the resurrected Messiah and the only way to God. It is my understanding that Muslim’s must except the Quran as the text of Allah. The Bible and the Quran differ on who Jesus is. Both views can be false but they cannot both be true.

My thoughts. Looking forward to yours.

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