(Eric Morgan) #1

Hi everyone.
My name is Eric from “across the pond” on an island in the Inner Hebrides. I greatly appreciate the work of the RZIM team, and I welcome this opportunity to connect with folk.

(SeanO) #2

Greetings @Gottesliebe! May the Lord bless your time here. Looking forward to good discussion!

(Megan Kemp) #3

Hello, @Gottesliebe! It’s so nice to have you as a part of RZIM Connect. I had to look up Inner Hebrides. I bet it’s a beautiful place.

What do you hope to gain in this grand community?

(Eric Morgan) #4

Thanks for your welcome! In this part of the world, I don’t find many opportunities to share with like-minded people about what’s behind what’s going on in the world. So hope for some fruitful conversations online with this community.
Here there is a general feeling of apathy towards spiritual matters - most people either have it too comfortable or a re busy making money off tourism. So churches are generally moribund or struggling.


(Vaisal Dathan) #5

Hi Eric,
Nice to hear about you.
Lets learn and grow together in the Lord.
God bless you.
Vaisal Dathan

(Eric Morgan) #6

Good to meet you! Tell me something about yourself. For my part I’m involved with our local evangelical church here and also run an extensive Christian library of books and dvd courses for the local community. My library includes much on apologetics and also on science/evolution issues. What are your lines of interest? What’s the climate of opinion in tour area concerning Christians?
Be strong in Him


(Vaisal Dathan) #7

Hi Eric,
I completed graduation in Law.
Now practicing and also preparing for some jobs like Judge.
I was born and brought up in a Hindu family in Kerala, India. I had no connection with believers in Christ. Also was not very interested to gospel because of our family situation. One of the friend’s of my father, brought me to a christian camp named SSL Camp ( a camp for students who completed their 10th standard schooling in Kerala). I was admitted as an exception to that camp, since I was in 9th at that time. In that camp, godly people shared sessions about sin, judgment, love of God, salvation, Cross… so many topics back to back. It was a residential camp for 4 days. As I was listening to the word of God, God opened my heart. That only I can say. I trusted in Him for redemption from my utter depravity in sin. God forgave me and made me alive in Christ. I was dead, but now I live because of HIM who loved me and gave Himself for me.
Earlier, my Father and brother was not in faith, but now all of them are in faith. Thanking God. As He promised through His word, He saved my family. My father Devadathan, is an unskilled worker, my mother Ragini, is a housewife and my brother Vishnu, completed B.Tech.
It is nice to hear that you are having a library! Great.
I have interest in apologetics. Mostly, one to one conversation. Core module helped me a lot.
I think, we Christians should be more Christlike, so that His glory may be manifested in and through us, not our own. This is one thing which is lacking now a days. More prayer and grace is needed.
My God bless all of us.
Thank you.

(Eric Morgan) #8

Hi Vashal,
Good hearing back from you and learning a biy more about you and your family. How great that your father and brother have also bowed the knee to out Saviour! You are so right - all of us who call ourselves by the name of Jesus should be as Paul says: “Mirrors that brightly reflect His glory” but oh how we fall short of that! Read today in Psa 73: “Yet am always with you. You hold me by your right hand, You guide me with Your counsel and afterwards you will receive me into glory.” Great promise!

Suggest you also do the follow-up course on apologetics at RZIM - I found that useful.

God richly bless you and yours


(Carson Weitnauer) #9

Hi @Gottesliebe,

Welcome! The challenge of spiritual apathy is significant. We’d love to hear from you on what you’ve found to awaken people to spiritual realities!

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