Grace and love through faith

Hello brothers and sisters,

I’m a young believer from Melbourne, Australia. I randomly stumbled on this forum while I was reading some material on the RZIM article section. I hope to develop first my faith, and then my passion for understanding our ultimate purpose in life. Since I have interests in moral philosophy and theology, I think I’ve found the jackpot here in this forum!

I’ve read a few articles: some of the answers I saw are astoundingly insightful, and I hope my engagement in discussion can nurture my intellect, develop more sense of the purpose of the bible, the character of God, and produce much needed communication with this, despite some church division, unshakeable and loving community under the head of our Lord Jesus.

This covid lockdown is doing my head in so I hope this gives me/us some breath!!!

Blessings from Australia.


Hi Hayden and welcome to Connect :slightly_smiling_face:. It sounds like things have gotten pretty rough in Melbourne with the strictness of their lockdown restrictions. Connect will be a great community to enjoy participating in and contributing to discussions. I look forward to interacting with you through the site and pray that you find peace and joy in Christ during this stressful time for your country.

God bless


Welcome to RZIM Connect @hluke


Thanks for your kind reassurance! Mark 12:17
Be blessed


Welcome aboard @hluke. It is good to have you here with us with this such enthusiasm as you have. I loved:

I hope it is the jackpot that you have sought. I believe that it is. There are so many rich discussions written by so many well read and caring members. God-bless you and your journey.


Blessing back to you! Romans 11:33


Welcome @hluke! This is a great forum for people who feel a little stir-crazy and want to interact with others under lockdown. I have found it to be uplifting and educational. Thank you for participating!


Hello and Welcome to RZIM Connect @hluke!

What a dynamic passion for our King! May you continue to do what it sounds like you are doing and dive deeper and deeper in the depth of the riches of God and His Word, as you already mentioned in reference to Romans 11:33. It is quite the astounding journey and I personally have found that the deeper I go, the more lost I get! But it is what God wants. He wants us to get so lost in His love, to where all we can see is His Love and beauty that far surpasses us!

Glad to have you😁


Hi Hayden,
Welcome to connect. You stumbled into a great community of encouragers and prayer warriors. It’s amazing how God connects us. May you be enriched greatly.



dear Aussie:
Welcomed as finding out our purpose from God to all those called by God I recommend a book by Os Guinness. THE CALL get updated edition it will change your perspective on your life purpose and calling


Thanks for that. I just had a look at it on Koorong, it looks promising.


Hi @hluke,

Welcome. God bless.


I suggest if you want to find your absolute purpose in life a book by os Guinness titled THE CALL
will save you many years of going down too many paths. Get the anniversary addition. Os Guinness was quoted many times by Ravi Z. He is no stranger to the conversation.

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Hello James, thanks again for this recommendation.
This is the second time you’ve requested me to read this, maybe it’s ‘The Call’ I need to find my purpose under our ‘G[uin]enius’ creator. :grimacing:. But at the moment i’m essentially bankrupt so I’ll have to wait a bit :upside_down_face:

Have a great day!