(Caitlyn Lee) #1

Hi All!

I’m from New Zealand.

I’ve been listening to Ravi’s videos on YouTube for a month now since someone I met at an apologetics group told me about them. They are great and it’s so wonderful there is this ministry in the universities.

I hope to contribute by asking some good questions. I was thinking to ask a question after the awful event that has happened in New Zealand recently. We are not used to this sort of thing happening here and it has shocked us as a nation.


(SeanO) #2

@graceful_deer_7 Welcome to Connect! A thread was started soon after the terrible tragedy in New Zealand to offer prayers for the people there (linke below). Look forward to hearing your questions and engaging more - Christ be with you.

(Anthony Costello ) #3


I’m very grateful to God that you have begun this journey in apologetics, and that you have found us here at Connect. I hope that your interactions with other believers will both challenge and strengthen you faith. More than anything I hope you will come to a greater knowledge and love of Him who is the Lord, and the giver of Life.

I pray for the communities in New Zealand that were struck with such suffering, and I hope than in the midst of such great evil, an even greater movement of God’s love will ignite amongst His people (those known and not yet known).

Grace and Peace,

(Caitlyn Lee) #4

Thank you Anthony

(Caitlyn Lee) #5

Thank you Sean. You are quite active and I have liked a number of your posts. How can you tell if someone is part of Ravi’s team or just a regular member like me? I suppose by looking at their profile. I have been reading a little on hear while I am finishing a Masters so quite busy, but better to be having my breaks on here than on Facebook!

(SeanO) #6

@graceful_deer_7 While we occasionally have the opportunity to engage with RZIM team members via the ask-rzim category, most of the folks you meet on Connect are regular folks like yourself serving Jesus :slight_smile: With the exception of @CarsonWeitnauer, the founder and fearless leader of the Connect community.

I agree Connect is a much better way to spend time than Facebook!