Grail Message

Hello friends, I have a friend I intend to reach out to with the proper doctrine of Christ. He belongs to The Grail Message faith but has been kind enough to follow me to church anytime I invite him to or some days he feels like following me to Church to attend service. Several efforts to search the basic beliefs of Grail message on the internet didn’t give me a good feedback. I really need to understand what actually they believe and their basic doctrines so I would know how to approach him with the pure teaching of Scripture. I would equally appreciate tips from personal experiences on similar encounters

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Hi, @Alkabat! This is a very fascinating topic. I have never heard of this movement, so I too am curious if anyone has had exposure to it. :slight_smile:

However, I would actually encourage you to ask him yourself what it is that he (and the movement) believes about life and what not. That’s the single best way to get the relevant information, and it would build the relationship with your friend that could be vital in inviting him into a relationship with Jesus.

Have you had the chance to speak with him about his beliefs at all?

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Hello, my brother! Greetings from the USA.

I’ve attached a link that is active in the US. I don’t know if it is active where you are. But, it does go through beliefs of the Grail Message faith. It uses Christian words and ideology but twists them to say different things. I did see aspects like abstinence is not natural and can be harmful to a person and sins are not immediately forgiven at salvation but has to be gained over time as deeds prove out one’s faith. These are just two of many.

Hope this helps…