Grateful for truth

I do not know if this is okay, but I would like to take an opportunity to share some words I have written. Writing Lyrics and poetry is my passion and im very grateful He has given me the ability to do this for him :fire: :heart:

Jesus will you know my name when I’m standing at the gates, will you look at me and say I’ve lived a righteous way, will you see my heart was true, that I gave my faith to you, that I lived my life in truth, that I gave you what was due, will you take me by the hand, slowly lead me in, exploring your whole kingdom, walk me through the sand, take me to your throne, give me robes of gold, bow before the father, and praise him for this soul, will you show me fields of green, like the world’s never seen, show me the creations that you never gave a name , my mind is just racing I imagine all the ways, that you’ll laugh with me and walk with me at the end of days, will you sit with me reveal the mysteries of this life, every little detail I don’t wanna miss a line, will you let me worship you, glorify the truth, walk me through the mountains, let me see the view

will you keep me from these sins that separate our view, will you keep me so connected that I only know the truth, will you fill me with a message that reaches to the depths, will you change these skewed perceptions and save me from myself, will you keep me in this path and fill me with a faith, a faith so beautiful it can never be erased, fill me with your holiness there is no other way, take away this emptiness, release me from my shame, will you put me on a mountain top and fill me with your light, refine me with a fire, purify my mind, clean me from the inside out take away the dark, replace it with your love, reignite my spark, will you give me this endurance to battle to the end, place me with the angels, resurrect the dead, I’ll fight your holy battles, girded with the truth, I’ll take this word you gave me and give the world proof


Welcome aboard @ericlc25. Thank you for sharing already. And its absolutely appropriate for you to share the gifts that the Lord has granted you. I hope that you continue to do so. I hope that you enjoy the camaraderie and discussions that connect offers. God-bless you and your journey.


I really appreciate the encouragement my brother! I have most definitely enjoyed the discussions and camaraderie offered here. I am very grateful to get to know you folks


Hello @ericlc25 and thank you for sharing your lovely poem. A real blessing to read and what a beautiful gift that the Lord has given you :slightly_smiling_face:. Wow! Did these words come to you at a significant time in your life or just an outflow of your love for the Lord?



I suppose just an outflow. :blush::blush:. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read and I am very grateful for your response. I have been writing like this for the last 1.5 years, before that it was always very worldly. I am not sure what happened, but one day I woke up and decided I was going to write for the Lord, he has given me some beautiful words to say on his behalf! I cannot get over how he seems to blow my mind every day​:heart:


I have lots more I would love to share. I pray to reach somebody with these words


beautiful thanks for sharing.

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