Gratitude towards our God, Loosing the wonder of God Ps 103:2b

Gratitude : Most of the time we ignore or neglect God, and forget what God has and continually do in our lives. Ps. 103:2b allude that we don’t forget all His benefits

  • Why did God used events or gusture or ceremonies as a reminder for us of what He did for us, example passover meal, Lord’s Super, memorial stones at river Jordan etc?
  • How can we internalize these truth to help us in our gratitude towards our God, whom clearly shown us tht He knows us that we will keep forgetting His doings and providance in our lives.
    Oh! Lord have mercy on us no to forget all the benefits you help us
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The subject of gratitude is very interesting and you might be interested to know that it is a subject that has been studied at a the scientific level. A couple of year ago @CarsonWeitnauer shared the topic with connect. He did a Sunday school lesson about gratitude. Here is the link. Be sure that you read through because there are different views of what gratitude meant in the 1st century church. Good question will be curious to hear your thoughts.

And on the same subject;