Greetings from @dspad!

Hey there! Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to recognize and plug into RZIM Connect…I’ve recent caught up with a long string of ‘Just Thinking’ and ‘Let My People Think’ podcast episodes over Christmas, and I’m excited to start a profile here. I’ve been listening to Ravi & the RZIM team for over a decade now, and always benefit from the thoughtful insight.

Born & raised in New Jersey, attending Liquid Church for years. My family of (now 5) moved to Florida a few years ago, and we’re part of the Church of Eleven22 now. Both are fantastic, bible-loving communities of Christians, across the vast differences between the North and Southeast.

I look forward to discovering great threads of discussion here to supplement what I listen to via RZIM’s podcasts, but also may take advantage of being able to connect with many of the staff who speak across the globe here in THIS online forum for the first time.


Hi @dspad, welcome to connect. It’s great that you had some time over Christmas to catch up on the podcast and landed here🙂 I trust you will be blessed by the many thoughtful, informing conversations. Feel free to engage by sharing your insight. Take care and enjoy browsing.
Happy New Year!


Nice to meet you Dan!

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Welcome brother!

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Hey! That must mean you live in Jacksonville! That church is right down the street from where I used to live. I have an aunt who goes there. Welcome! Glad you are here!


Welcome to Connect Dan! Isn’t it fun to catch up on the RZIM podcasts? I’m a few behind myself. Wow, from NJ to FL. I hope you are loving it down there! We are glad to have you join us on this forum and look forward to hearing from you. I hope you enjoy the discussions! I know I do. :blush:


Welcome @dspad to the platform hope we will learn from each other
Happy New Year

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Welcome aboard @dspad. Good use of your time this xmas. Glad you have come along side us here at connect. I do hope the threads of discussions bless you. Happy Nw Year. God-bless you and your journey.


Hello and welcome @dspad,

So glad to have you here at RZIM connect.

So, Jacksonville is where you landed from New Jersey, you picked quite a large city, as it is the most densely populated city in Florida :sunglasses:. I was actually in Jax this week for a family event.
I will concur with you on the vast difference from the north to Florida, as it takes a bit to navigate the new culture and appreciate both where you come from and where you live today.

Connect has amazing threads and contributors and I wish you well as you venture into these discussions. :tulip:


Nailed it! Yes, “Bold City of the South” and home to Eleven22…great body of believers!


I love podcasts given the flexibility of audio in a chapter juggling young kids. NJ to FL has been great…pace of life and cost of living is down, and the warmer weather has been enjoyable.


My wife’s job brought us to Jax (Merrill Lynch) and it’s been a great move for the family. This area of the country is growing like crazy!

Experiencing the difference in cultures has been interesting…up North people have either more traditional burnt-out “over-churched” backgrounds (ex. Catholicism) or a secular worldview, vs. in the South people have Baptist roots but overall a more visible awareness of the Bible in concept.

In NJ we loved our Liquid Church family with Pastor Tim Lucas, and in FL we’ve found a family with Eleven22 and Pastor Joby Martin. Both communities are strong and really speak to what’s going on in the local community, spiritually.

The Connect badge of “Academy Alum”…that’s one of RZIM’s educational programs?


Hey @dspad,

As a northern girl myself,:snowman_with_snow: transplanted to the south, :sunny::palm_tree: I feel you described this well,

As if moving an entire family to another part of the country is not challenging enough, trying to find a church you feel comfortable to worship in and safe to bring your family to, can be overwhelming . I am so thankful you found a place to continue to serve the Lord and people.

The RZIM Academy is one of the educational programs offered through The link below will direct you to more information regarding the academy.

RZIM Connect, invites those who have successfully completed courses with the online Academy to join the RZIM Academy Alumni Community on connect.

Once an alumni registers on, they are given a badge and access to the videos in the Core Module and any electives they have completed with the academy, however connect is not the rzim academy.

I hope I brought some clarity to your question about the Academy Alumni and the connect badge, if not, let me know and I shall be happy to add more confusion to your question. :joy: