Greetings from Harvey Hanna!

(Harvey) #1

Hi everyone,
My name is Harvey Hanna. God has blessed me with so many things (as He has for all the world), and among them are my wonderful wife, my darling daughter, & my beloved boy. (I like the alliteration!) I have just completed the Core module & am taking the Faith Seeking Understanding elective. I find all RZIM to be so instrumental in my faith and am supremely glad to have found it. As a member of one the oldest churches in existence, the Coptic Orthodox Church, it has been so useful for me to take what I have learned at RZIM & share it with my fellow congregants. It is very fulfilling when things that were challenging to explain flow so fluidly. This is such a blessing. May we all continue to grow as the body of Christ. Thanks for reading! #GodBless

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Hi there, @Harveyhanna! Welcome to RZIM Connect!

(Brittany Bowman) #3

Welcome! Church history is so fascinating, especially when considering how those believers’ seeds of faith have grown today, without their ever knowing it. Perhaps some of your friends will also be interested in joining Connect. I’m excited to hear your thoughts on the threads!

(Kathleen) #4

Hello, @Harveyhanna, and welcome to Connect! That’s amazing that you are a member of the Coptic church. Please forgive me for my ignorance, but does that mean you’re based in Egypt? One of my good friends is originally from Alexandria but he now lives in Cairo. I hope to be able to visit him and his family one day! (If you are not from Egypt, please forgive the reference!)

At any rate, we do hope this community is a place where you can be strengthened and encouraged in your faith. Look forward to learning with and from you! Blessings!

(Harvey) #5

Hello Kathleen!

Though I was born in Egypt I came here 42 years ago. I haven’t visited in 30 years and my wife has never even gone. Lol. She is Egyptian, too. We have a good amount of Coptic Churches in the NY-metro area, & are blessed in that regard. Thank you for reaching out. Undoubtedly, the experience with RZIM will increase our capacity for understanding and aid us in sharing the Good News with all. #GodBless