Greetings from Hong Kong

(Michael Wong) #1

Hi all

This is Michael Wong from Hong Kong. I’m currently a Fuller MDiv student.
Have been very blessed by RZIM’s materials. Coming to Connect because I joined the Church Leaders conference. Tribalism is raging in Hong Kong likewise. Blessed is the peacemakers.
Looking forward to discussing hard but important questions with you all.


(Lakshmi Mehta) #2

@Michael_Wong, Welcome to Connect! Look forward to learning from your questions and your experience in theological studies. Love the family picture…beautiful kids!

(Russell Stewart) #3

Welcome Michael. Glad to have you aboard! I have a great friend in Hong Kong who Pastors Elim Church there. My maternal grandmother emigrated to Hawaii from China in the later 1800s during the days of the Hawaiian Kingdom which had about a 96% Christian native population. Popo was also a Christian and spoke only Chinese and Hawaiian. Good to have fellow Chinese on board. God loves Chinese people. That’s why He made so many of us!
Strong in faith, giving glory to God! K

(Russell Stewart) #4

Btw, my Popo’s maiden name was Wong!

(Criss Wang) #5

Michael, nice to know you at RZIM Connect. We essentially have the same last name. :slight_smile: I was born and grew up in Mainland China and I have been in US for many years now.

(Michael Wong) #6

nice to meet you Criss! I notice you have the title “academy alum” behind your name. What did you study with the academy?


(Michael Wong) #7

Thank you Kahu! Makes me wanna read about Hawaii history!

(Criss Wang) #8

I finished a Core Module at RZIM, which is about basic apologetics for Christianity.

(Stephen Wuest) #9

It sounds like Hong Kong is interesting, in a Chinese sort of way!

So much is happening in Communist China. I hope that there will be opportunities for Christians to live a quiet and peaceful life.

(Russell Stewart) #10

Awesome! The Chinese eventually played, and still play, a huge role in the history of modern Hawai’i.
Two great books to get a perspective on the events that transformed Hawai’i both politically and spiritually are: “Hawaii’s History by Hawaii’s Queen”. This is regarding the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom by the United States business men coup and the appeal of the Queen to Congress to eventually right that wrong and restore the Kingdom. The second book is “Titus Coen- Life In Hawai’i”. This book documents the Conversion of the Hawaiian people to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Approximately 95% or more of the Hawaiian people were baptized into the Church after showing fruits of their conversion in holiness and repentance. Hawaii had the largest Christian Churches in the world in those days. Great legacy! Inspiring reading for anyone interested in true evangelism.