Grizelda Gozali

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Hi guys,
I am a mother of a 3yo boy from Indonesia. I am a co-founder of a Christ-centered community called FUSE. I join Connect because I want to access more resources on Apologetics, whether it be articles or discussions. Hopefully, I can contribute my experience or thoughts here. At least my questions :sweat_smile:


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Hello Grizelda*:heart:

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Hi there Grizelda! We’re so glad that you’re joined us. You’ll definitely get more access to apologetics-related resources here…and perhaps gain a few friends along the way! I look forward to seeing some of your questions (haha) out on the forum, and I’m sure you’ll fine very quickly that you also have some wise answers to share with all of us! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your welcome. I hope I do have some wise answer to offer. At this point, I am all questions. Hahaha

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Welcome, Griselda!

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You are warmly welcome @iamgrizie

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