Growth During Transition from College to "Adulting"

Hello everyone!

My fiance and I are getting married next month, moving back to my hometown and starting my career as a Project Manager for my parent’s company (I had mentioned AP in a prior post, so for those who read that one, my role recently changed lol). During this transition (as well as during the social distancing era of COVID-19), I’ve noticed how preoccupied both of us can get on the logistics and other things related to our move, and that the time we spend with God and reading the Bible has dwindled slightly (in my case, even when I am reading, I find myself distracted), and we find ourselves focusing more on what we want than what God wants for us. In college, even though you have a lot of responsibilities, you don’t have nearly as many as when you’re an adult. What are some things/scripture my fiance and I should focus on in order to keep our relationship with Christ strong in this transition, and grow even stronger as time goes on? We don’t want to start backsliding in our faith, and we want to be great witnesses to those in our own families, respective workplaces, and hopefully our own children one day.

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Hi Ashton, this is the welcome to connect section of connect, so may I first say welcome, it is great to meet you and congrats on your upcoming marriage, may His blessings overtake you and prosper you in every way.

Your heart and desire evident in this quote is a great foundation to your question.

May I just say stick to the basics of prayer, bible study, together time and private time with Christ. Lifes many ups and downs tend to consume our time so may I also caution you if need be faithful to take the time with Christ when pressures of life mount. I commend your prayerful attitude towards your faith in Christ your first love.

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Hi Mike,

Nice to hear from you again! We spoke some on my thread regarding comparison a few days ago. I appreciate the helpful advice once again! Would you happen to have any advice regarding finances as well? My fiance and I plan on living off of my salary, and then tithing our 10% + additional giving and then saving out of her salary. I don’t know exactly what the percentages are on that, but I think it’s a good place to start!

Also, apologies on posting this in the wrong area! I thought I clicked personal growth, but I guess not lol.

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Thank you for your heart @ashtonbrewer94. Appreciate your transparency and struggle. Everyone struggles from time to time on focus. In the middle my devotions I can be distracted also with life’s realities and concerns. The Lord is gracious and knows your heart. Blessings to you. Chin up and enjoy the day as your honor and salvation come from one source and one source only. Thank you for sharing and allowing members here at connect to befriend you.

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Hello again Ashton! If you meant to post in the Christian Growth category this is the right place! I love your attitude going into marriage. And congratulations! Do you anticipate any change of plans in the wedding as a result of the pandemic? Our son is planning to be married next month but definitely has had to tweak their plans.

One big thing that I’d say would be helpful, as I look way back on our early marriage years, is that there will always be bumps in the road as you two grow together. Allow these bumps to draw you closer to the Lord as you work things out between yourselves. If you ever have any strong disagreement then remember to come together prayerfully to work it out in the Spirit. This should help you to grow more closely together and with the Lord. And no matter how crazy your days can be, you can always make a point to discuss things at the end of the day and pray together about any concerns. :heart:

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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, @ashtonbrewer94! And it sounds like you already have your priorities in the right place. And your giving plan sounds perfectly fine.

As for a good scripture to deal with the ever present pressures of life that would cause us to drift from God, I would suggest Hebrews 2:1, Therefore we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip.

The wording suggests that the way to counter the tendency to let things slip is to be intentional in giving more earnest heed. That is, if you don’t give earnest heed, you can count on things slipping. Nobody makes spiritual progress by accident!

Imagine paddling upstream in a canoe. Incessant paddling requires a lot of effort. But what if the paddler gets tired and decides to just let things drift for a bit? He’ll lose momentum, then he’ll start to drift backwards. And then to get where he’s going, he’ll have to retrace lost ground.

And if he let’s things drift long enough, sooner or later he’ll go over a waterfall!

That’s why things like prayer, scripture, witness, giving, church attendance and so forth are often called spiritual disciplines. They’re things that the Spirit genuinely wants victory in, but that the flesh resists. And therefore, the Spirit has to be intentional to discipline the flesh.

I hope these thoughts will help you as you begin your new lives together!


Hi again Carrie!

We made the decision to have a small ceremony with our Pastor, her parents, and my parents, and then in November we will have a vow renewal ceremony! It did put a damper on our original wedding and honeymoon plans, but that’s ok! We’re just excited to be married and we’ll have a honeymoon to look forward to later this year or early next hopefully!

And I appreciate the advice! I think there will be some growing pains as we adjust to living with each other, but we’re both committed to loving one another well and we realize that sometimes we can both be a pain in the butt, so I think we have realistic expectations of each other haha!

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Yes, just being able to get married is wonderful! And when you get the relationship thing right then any other problems that come your way will seem that much easier because you will be working together with a positive attitude. When people get the relationship thing wrong, then everything else is that much worse. Here is one of my favorite verses that have to do with relationships, and for a husband and wife to remember this one, especially in times of trouble, is so important:

“Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.”
‭‭Philippians‬ ‭2:3‬ ‭ESV‬‬

I think you two will do great. God bless you in your marriage! :smile: