Guess the day

(Yosef) #1


A Muslim Imam argued with me “you Christians hold the view of Christ death and resurrection as significant without which Christianity is in vain. But you don’t even know on which day he died forget the exact date and year. You have all historical evidences to show us everything. How about you go and first settle among yourself if it was Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. If you cannot prove the day, date and year. He never died.”

Now to be honest I could answer to him on “He never died” but I had no answer to prove day of his death as we Christians hold different views. How to go about on this?

(SeanO) #2

@josephdiwan In my opinion, this question is a red herring. There is extra-Biblical evidence that Jesus did in fact die, so knowing the exact day is not the point. It appears Friday, the day before the Passover, is the most likely candidate for the day Jesus died.

These abundant historical references leave us with little reasonable doubt that Jesus lived and died. The more interesting question – which goes beyond history and objective fact – is whether Jesus died and lived.

About 20 years after Josephus we have the Roman politicians Pliny and Tacitus, who held some of the highest offices of state at the beginning of the second century AD. From Tacitus we learn that Jesus was executed while Pontius Pilate was the Roman prefect in charge of Judaea (AD26-36) and Tiberius was emperor (AD14-37) – reports that fit with the timeframe of the gospels.

Furthermore, the Gospels unanimously declare that Jesus died on the Day of Preparation; that is, Friday, the day leading up to the beginning of the Sabbath at sundown (Matthew 27:62; Mark 15:42; Luke 23:54; John 19:31, 42).

(Cameron Kufner) #3

The claim that Christ never died is a very extreme claim. Here’s a quote from an atheist, who also happens to be a revered New Testament Scholar, Gerd Ludemann.

“The death of Jesus as a result of crucifixion is indisputable.” - Gerd Ludemann

That statement makes many points within itself.

  1. Jesus was a real person
  2. Jesus was crucified
  3. Jesus died on the cross

Now, as to the whole “You don’t know the exact date he died.” I find that extremely hypocritical considering Muslims can’t even agree on which day Muhammad was born :rofl:

If you want help learning how to defend Christianity against those who may be Muslim, watch David Wood (Acts17Apologetics) and Nabeel Qureshi. Both have done a remarkable job pointing Muslims to Christ. Nabeel has gone home to his reward, David is still fighting the good fight. Praise God for both of them!