Guidelines and Suggestions for Writing Your Testimony

In this category, we welcome all kinds of testimonies! Have a story about God answering prayer? How he worked in your life or in another person’s? We want to hear it!

We especially love stories of how people came to know Jesus. However, sharing your testimony of salvation can be difficult – especially if you’ve never written it down before. To help you get started, we’ve created these guidelines and suggestions.

Why write your testimony?

Our testimonies explain how we came to know Christ and how a relationship with God changed our lives. It’s important to know how to articulate your testimony for at least two reasons.

The first is that, as 1 Peter 3:15 says, we are able to give reasons for the hope we have in Christ. One of those reasons is that Jesus has worked in our lives.

The second is that knowing your testimony will remind you of how God has worked in your life, helping you to remember and reflect on his love for you.

Why share your testimony?

Sharing your testimony can be a bit daunting :astonished: It’s like you’re putting your whole life out there!

Remember, though, that your testimony is more about Jesus than you. Stories of the Lord’s faithfulness remind us that he is good and working all over the world to bring people to him. Approach your testimony as a way to encourage other people - and remember that the Lord will help you write it when you call out to him :pray:

Writing your testimony

Your testimony is like a before and after story.

Here’s a simple series of questions to get some words on paper:

  • What was your life like before Christ?
    • Think about the biggest differences between you before and after your salvation
  • How did you hear about Jesus?
  • When did you decide to have a relationship with him?
    • The circumstances around your salvation – this is the good stuff!
    • Was there any scripture that impacted your journey in a specific way?
  • How your life has been different since you became a Christian?

When you post your testimony, please title it in a way that reflects your journey so that people can find it. For example, My Journey from Islam to the Cross or From Atheism to Christianity are great titles.

I remember when posted my testimony to RZIM – it was a bit nerve-racking :sweat_smile: If you want someone to read your testimony before you post it publicly, send me a message and I’ll be glad to give it a look, provide some helpful feedback, and let you know my favorite part :heart_eyes:

A note of encouragement

Remember that no testimony is the same and we love seeing how God works in different ways. Some testimonies make us go :exploding_head: and others can make us :cry: If it’s a story about how you came to love Jesus, all of your friends on RZIM Connect want to read your testimony and celebrate your story with you! :partying_face: