Guy Fava


I’m Guy.

I’m a New Yorker living in São Paulo, Brazil

I’ve been passionate about apologetics, Ravi, and the RZIM for quite some time, reading and studying about apologetics, which has really strengthen my faith and work as a local church leader.

I look forward to learn more and connect with my brothers and sisters that are equally passionate for Jesus Christ!



Welcome to Connect! Glad to have you join this community with your passion in apologetics! Hasnt it been a phenomenal conference thus far? Unanswered questions or questions you want to explore in more depth are always welcome here in this community. I have seen first hand that continued participation in this community spurs us on for more knowledge and maturity in Christ. May your time at the conference and on Connect prove to be a blessing to you!


Hi Guy! Nice to meet you! I visited Brazil when I was 4 years old when my parents adopted my sister from Sao Paulo. Wish I remembered more of the country! Welcome to connect!



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Welcome aboard from Brazil @guyfava. I hope this forum provides you a platform for communication and camaraderie. Enjoy this forum and participate as often as you are able. Encourage new members and with the talents bestowed upon you please share your guidance and heart with those who are having questions or are struggling. God bless you and your journey.