Hi There,

I am from Inland Empire CA.

I found out about the site from Peace in the Church video by Francis Chan at the Rzim Church Leaders Conference.

I am not sure about how to contribute at this point.


Welcome to Connect, Dennis. :slight_smile: It is wonderful to hear the Church Leaders Conference touched you. What stood out to you from his talk?


Hello @dtm255 so glad you joined, welcome :slightly_smiling_face: There are plenty of topics to read through and I am sure you have some insight to offer. Enjoy :wink:


Thanks Brittany, It’s always interesting to hear Francis talk. One thing I remember deeply is the analogy of father giving son a bike and a million dollars with the intention of him sharing them to others with needs. Exactly describes how Americans, who lives abundantly, should do.


That’s a great point, and one I had forgotten about. I listened while multitasking and apparently didnt multitask as well as I hoped. :wink: Thanks for sharing that!

I really appreciated the urgency with which he called the church to avoid bickering, with the analogy of a child in the family stirring up trouble. His experience with bring the pastors together for reconciliation was a powerful testament to what the Gospel can do when proclaimed.


Hi Dennis! @dtm255
Welcome :slight_smile:
That part about the bike and a million dollars to pass out to others stuck with me, too.
Really love Francis Chan’s passion and desire to be mindful of how we live these lives for Christ.


Welcome aboard @dtm255. Glad to have you with us. Enjoy your time here. Looks like you already are. Thanks for sharing. God-bless you and your journey.

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