Halloween approaching

A Blessed day to all…
As we all know October is already here and so as the Halloween celebration(soon). Though we don’t practice it as Christians, I wonder what are the right insights to it. Surely I can search google how did it started. But as Christians how do we best explain to a fellow believer that we should not observe it. Specially to little ones :pray:
Thank You for all your thoughts…
Mega blessings!


Great question, @JoelAlbert.

You know, for many years I pointedly avoided being home on what I always referred to as “Protestant Reformation Day” (Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door on October 31, 1517) for the very reason you have stated.

Then one day, an excellent soul winner pointed out that this is the one day in the year when I don’t have to go to all my neighbors’ doors to evangelize - they’re all coming to mine! Why not make Halloween backfire in the devil’s face? What if I wrapped some really cool gospel tracts designed for children around little candy bars with rubber bands and gave them out to every kid that came to my door?

The crazy thing is that if on any of the other 364 evenings in the year I were to go around the neighborhood offering children candy and handing them gospel literature, I suppose it could raise all sorts of unfortunate suspicions. But on this one evening, I can get away with it scott free! And no one will turn it down!

Now, of course, you’ll have to do whatever your conscience allows - but I immediately saw this as a win-win way to turn anything sinister about Halloween completely upside down - beating the devil on his own turf!

I hope this helps you to work effectively within the culture!


Thank You James for your insight…
I have never thought about out it that way…
It is indeed a great opportunity to evangelize through candies…
I will surely pray for that move, may His Holy Spirit will help every believer to who is also trying to navigate a solution in this occasion…


Yes, this is an excellent question! For years, my dad (@ronlinzey) wanted to have nothing to do with anything dealing with that day, but then he realized that Halloween is the one day of the year, as @jlyons explained, that “the Mission Field comes to MY door!” So now, as a family, we call it “Harvest day”.

The neat thing is, my brother’s birthday is the very next day, so we have actually made a tradition of celebrating his birthday on the evening of “Harvest Day”.

It has actually become one of our family’s favorite days of the year, because we purposefully celebrate life instead of death, we turn on all the lights in the house, and we even put up our winter/Christmas lights up outside celebrating light instead of darkness, then we set up a DVD monitor on our front porch that all the kids come up to with a DVD titled “In His Presence” which is a collection of motion nature pictures with good music and scripture readings through the whole thing that offers serenity and demonstrates His power, celebrating creation instead of destruction. Then we pass out attractive gospel tracks with candy to every person who comes by, forming a family assembly line to get each track ready.

As sad as this day is, and the grotesque history of it, we have found a source of joy and delight recognizing the opportunities that we have to be a “city set on a hill” in the midst of our dark society, and that is literally put into practice on October 31st.

Do as the Lord would have you to do, but I hope these thoughts may give you some “bright ideas” in how to leverage that day for spreading the Light of the good news of Jesus Christ!

By the way, here is the link to the DVD I mentioned:


Thank You so much @AnnaLinzey for your remarkable insight in this matter…!!
You and @jlyons(james) indeed inspire me to approach this event in a way that can bring glory to Christ Jesus :pray:
God Bless You All…!!


Harvest Day! How perfect! I now have a new name for Protestant Reformation Day!


We try to be the brightest house on the corner. The darker the world gets, the easier the opportunity of unashamedly shining pure and brightly❤️


Hey Joel! We used to avoid Halloween celebrations and even turn off the lights and pretend we weren’t home. Then, after listening to Hank Hannegraff about the opportunity, I decided to “repel the darkness,” as others have mentioned. When we were living in a large neighborhood we would pass out tracks with the candy. For a couple of years I even had bright lights everywhere and scriptures about overcoming darkness, fear and death on large canvas so they could be easily read from the road, and instead of scary sounds we had Gospel music playing. The house was a complete contrast to what the world offers on Halloween. We had a blast and several conversations and most were glad to see it, especially the younger kids and their parents. Hopefully, some seeds were planted and lifes changed.


I am convinced that the Lord is glorified in that…!!
Thank You so much guys!


Hi Bro @sburris22! Thanks a lot for your wonderful insight. Yeah just like what I have mentioned to my previous reply that I had never look at it that way! And surely we will make a different approach in this event this year. May the seed of Faith and Harvest of the Lord be plenty through this event! God Bless You All…!!