What is Halloween? Why do Christians in the US celebrate it? What are tge Biblical foundations for this believe or theological implications for it on our spiritual growth?


Hi Victor @Terviks . If you search “Halloween” on Connect, you’ll find some information. I’ve also found a link from History that traces the development of Halloween. https://www.history.com/topics/halloween/history-of-halloween#section_12
What Christians still observe in many denominations is All Hallows Eve which is the night before All Saints Day when loved ones who have passed within the year are honored. It was also a Celtic celebration of the end of summer.
It has evolved into the ghoulish celebration you are seeing. Not all Christians today celebrate or take part in the festivities as they have become, but many regard it as a fun time to dress up in crazy costumes (not always with an evil connotation)and go around neighborhoods collecting candy. As my pastor pointed out this week, what other time of the year do your neighbors come to your door asking for something??!! :wink: He and his wife move their fire pit to the front yard and roast hot dogs to pass out to the adults escorting their children. It has turned into a great way for them to meet their neighbors and establish relationships that can morph into evangelizing. Also, churches across the nation use it as a community outreach, calling it “Trunk of Treat” where the members of the congregation turn their car trunks into some sort of fun activity for kids. It’s an opportunity to share the gospel with children’s tracts, etc.
So, while Halloween has changed dramatically from its origins, it’s how it’s viewed that can make a difference. It can just be a fun evening of dressing up, a time seen for an opportunity to evangelize, or a way to get to know neighbors. It doesn’t have to have all the evil that is now associated with it.
Scripture tells us to avoid all appearances of evil (1 Thes. 5:2). So, for Christians to participate in glorifying evil is dishonoring God and should not be done. If it is participating in any occultist activity, then they leave themselves open to Satan.
I, personally, can enjoy the children and interact with neighbors. However, I don’t do any of the ghoulish decorating.
I hope this has given you a little insight into Halloween from a Christian’s perspective.


Thank you Sharon,
Learnt quite alot about Halloween in a short read!

I have two adult sons and they have never gone Trick or Treating.
We have been Blessed by a Church that has a Hallelujah Party every year. Each family brings a bag or two of candy and the class rooms are set up (by age) with games for the kids to play. Everyone gets candy each time they play one of the games. Kids dress up as angels, princesses, super heros…or not, and have Warm, Safe, Indoor fun. This alternative has made it unnecessary for us to read about or research the history of Halloween. All our boys ever knew was that they had a great time in an Awesome atmosphere.