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Hello, my name is Hans and I’m from Austria and I live in a small town called Hermagor . I am 63 years old, I’m a pastor and happily married. We have three children aged 20, 28 and 29. Together with my wife we lead a small Christian church and try to bring the love of God to the people.
I found Ravi Zacharias on the Internet “Let my people think”. I decided to do the core module of apologetics that I recently completed. If my time allows, I would also like to do the module “Why Suffering” or “What does it mean to be human”.
I’m here in this forum to learn from others and maybe I can contribute as well to help others.

Greetings from Austria,

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Welcome Hans. I am looking forward to learning from you in Connect.

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Welcome to Connect, Hans. :smiley: Praise the Lord for your heart to shepherd His flock, I respect pastors so much. Perhaps some of your congregation would be interested in joining Connect, too?

What stood out to you most in the Core module? I’m looking forward to taking it soon, and I hope I’ll have time afterwards for the “What does it mean to be human” module.

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Welcome aboard, Hans!

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Welcome Hans! @hans.grollitsch
So glad you’ve joined us!

I visited Austria during a semester abroad in college- beautiful.
So glad you enjoyed the Core Module- I’m sure you’ll find this community to be very similar!

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Thank you Brian for welcoming me!

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Hello Brittany, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t answer earlier, I was very busy the last days. Thank you that you appreciate pastors so much. I experienced this personally when I was several years ago in Texas. Pastors are appreciated in America much more than here in Europe.

To answer your question, whether a part of my church could join Connect? Yes, why not, I will ask them.

And you asked also, what stood out to me most in the Core module?
Every lesson was great, but interesting for me was the 3.4.5 grid by Ravi Zacharias. An other thing was, as Ravi said, not just answering questions, but seeing the person behind the question. And how important it is in our message to stretch the bow from the head to the heart.

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Thank you Shaun for welcoming me!

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Thank you Heidi for welcoming me.
In which part of Austria were you during your college semester abroad?