Happy easter 2020!

Happy Easter everyone! :sunrise_over_mountains: :latin_cross: :sunrise:

  1. What are you doing to celebrate?

  2. What are you doing to reach out?


For us, we are having an Easter feast to celebrate the good news that Jesus is risen!

To reach out, I am hosting a Facebook Live to share the Easter story with my community.


I’m in my little prayer room just saying Thank You! Over and over and over! I was praying for all to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
That on this day many will be seeking a savior. I was looking out my window as I was talking to the Lord. There is a ladder leaning against the house where my husband had to do some work on the roof yesterday.
In the middle of the ladder, you can see where the sticker was torn off. There is an image of cross right in the middle.
I guess this could seem really silly. But I believe that is just how personal our God is.
I am sharing that picture with my family and friends as a reminder of what this day really means.
He is risen!!!
Thanks you Jesus!
Happy Easter :latin_cross:


I’m like Sig, I’m celebrating with such reoicing today in prayer my new life in Jesus. It is a miracle!

I’m contacting some friends by phone today that do not know the Lord.


Happy Resurection Sunday to all. May the blessings of Easter be yours all year through.

Sharing love, and care digitally with friends. Family, and coworkers as best I can with scripture, pictures and encouraging words.
Our family tradition of Easter together is not an option and virtual Church with Vince on the resurection was a blessing. Thank you all for everything you do.


Happy Easter everyone! We just enjoyed a wonderful Easter service with our church online. One of the unique parts was when our pastor interviewed Lee Strobel who told his story about how he wrote “The Case for the Resurrection” and found evidence after evidence of Christ’s resurrection. What a wonderful and inspiring testimony! We are also enjoying the family time and I am reaching out to others to wish them a happy resurrection day as well. It is good just to rejoice in that wonderful gift! :heart::heart::heart:


Happy Easter to everyone
I am using this time for a lot of sober reflection and Bible study in between teleworking and mum duties :blush::latin_cross:


Happy Easter! We’ve been spending time as a family in the sunshine. I’ve also been listening to some talks by NT Wright about the resurrection and what that means for us. It’s given my husband and I some interesting discussions to reflect with. We’re continuing to keep connections with our neighbours, handing out little home baked gifts and homemade cards as a way to cheer them and help them know we’re here if they ever need to reach out… we also decorated this and stuck it on our road :grinning:.