Has science disproved the literal interpretation of Genesis 1?

Hello, Michael,

I am grateful for the work our Heavenly Father has accomplished through using you for His glory. One of the theological issues that stalls a 17-year-old young man who is in my daughter’s speech and debate club is his claim that Genesis 1 is Hebrew poetry and not history. He claims that God created homo sapiens and humans but not together. I have been asking him at what point then did God decide to knit an eternal soul to said homo sapien to create mankind, and I’m not getting answers from him. He is a very respectful young man, but he has bought into the idea that “science” disproves Genesis 1 being literal. Not having a background in Hebrew, I am unsure as to how to answer him, although I have read that it is written in historical language. Do you have any input on that? Thank you for your time. I appreciate it very much.

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Hi @Cindi1,

Michael engaged with your question in this video: