Has the Bible been changed?

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So I was wondering,

I know one of the evidences that the bible hasn’t been changed is that someone would have noticed and protested the change. Is there any evidence of this kind of protesting happening?


(SeanO) #2

@Washlyn In the early Church we see that the Gnostics generated books claiming to be divinely inspired that had to be shown not to be truly from the apostles. Per my understanding, it was partially this heresy that led to the development of a clearly delineated canon via the early councils. Books such as the Gospel of Judas or of Thomas would be examples of false Gospels.

  1. From Christianity , Gnosticism inherited pieces but by no means the whole: Jesus, but not his physical resurrection; the Bible, but only as an untrustworthy text to be modified by aggressive misreading and supplemented by such forged additions as the Gospel of Judas. (The Gnostic tendency to modify Scripture is unsurprising—they thought of it, after all, as the work of an inferior deity, given to errors, omissions, and deceit.)
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