Have No Fear by John Lennox

(Linda Nikitin) #1

Tuesday, February 5, 2019
Dear Friends,
I have Can Science Explain Everything? by John Lennox as an ebook. It’s WONDERFULLY CLEAR and UPLIFTING!
My question is “Does anyone know when the ebook Have No Fear by John Lennox will be available?
It is available from Amazon.com as a paperback now. I prefer ebooks.

Thanks SO MUCH for listening!

(Matt Western) #2

HI @Linnie,
I’m not on the customer service team, but i wondered because this book are so cheap to buy (in the UK at least) compared to one of his bigger books, they are intended as outreach type material and maybe that’s why the publisher decided to not release an ebook? From the website https://www.10ofthose.com/uk/products/24580/have-no-fear you can get 100 items for 1 pound each… just a theory. :slight_smile:

Have you seen the 4 freebies co-written by Lennox in PDF format at https://www.myrtlefieldhouse.com/en/book-series/encounters ?? I saw them in Lennox’s twitter feed a while ago and grabbed them. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to the new Lennox book, ‘can science explain everything’…

(Linda Nikitin) #3

Hullo Matt :blush:
THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kind reply to my question. I am reading “Can Science Explain Everything?” by John Lennox. It is SO clear and SO HELPFUL! You will be helped and encouraged by it! Thank You SO MUCH for mentioning the free pdf’s. I don’t have a Twitter account, but I have a Facebook page and I follow John Lennox and Myrtlefieldhouse and RZIM via Facebook. May I encourage you to read my favorite book by John Lennox and David Gooding called “Key Bible Concepts. It has changed my life — SO CLEAR, SO COMFORTING, SO UPLIFTING! How it feeds my soul!!
I will think about getting “Have No Fear” by John Lennox from The Good Book Company.

Blessings Matt!

(Brandon Jeffers) #4


We’re so glad to hear that you have been blessed by Dr. Lennox’s books! The release of an ebook would for the most part be up to the publisher. While Can Science Explain Everything? was published by The Good Book Company, Have No Fear was published by 10Publishing. You can read more about 10Publishing and their publishing philosophies here.

(Linda Nikitin) #5

Monday, February 11, 2019
Thanks Brandon, for your kind reply.
I love Connect and I am SO THANKFUL for a safe place to share my questions, joys, struggles, etc with our Connect family. Thanks for the info about who published Have No Fear by John Lennox.