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Having a Relationship with God in Lockdown

In today’s Take Five, RZIM France’s Léa Köves reminds us that throughout desert seasons, when we’ve been confined and experienced loneliness or isolation, God desires and invites us to learn what it means to have true intimacy with Him. Although at times we may be physically alone, we can be sure we are never spiritually alone.

God, far from being distant or indifferent to what we endure, is ready to meet us in our most intimate self.

God’s words to us reveal nothing less than this: God loves us, and wants to live in us, and dwell within us. This means that even when I’m physically alone, I’m never spiritually alone.

If you feel alone and dry, God Himself wants to live in you and establish His glorious presence there.

Make it Personal

  • Has this desert season helped you to grow in intimacy with God?

  • How might we point others toward the solace of God’s persistent spiritual presence, especially in the midst of physical isolation?

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