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How can I watch? Enter the code you received via email on the page here:

Yikes, the RZIM app wants me to disable the “Restricted Mode”. Finally found it and it already was disabled. Any hints? Thx!

Hey Lucy,
I don’t know if this helps but you can try to watch from youtube instead. You just have to find the email you were sent when you signed up and go to the watch page (which requires a password you were issued).

Hope this helps.

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Hi, Lucy!
Were you able to figure it out? As @clive.aw mentioned, it’s being streamed through YouTube. The feed is embedded into this link on the RZIM page.

Kasey, I don’t seem to be accessing the Confeernce, despite having entered the code and all.
Please help!
Thanks, Angela WG

Hello @awebsterg, I’m so sorry to hear that! So when you go to this link:

And enter your code, what happens?


What code?

Are we able to watch it later if we can’t stay awake for the 3 hours?(sorry I know this doesn’t answer the question you are posing)


@plantaseed, yes! I believe each session will be archived on the watch page.

Bless you for even attempting to stay up 3 hours into the night to watch. That’s the kind of dedication we love to see :raised_hands:t2::smile:


I’m not hearing anything other than reading posts

Hi Donna,

You have to click here:

(In the original post)

You might find the password in your e-mail.

Hello @donna.lafrance ,

Here is link for watching the conference:

But that assumes that you have already registered! So if you haven’t had a chance to do that, I believe you still can by going here: https://rzim.brushfire.com/events/475992

Once you have registered, you will be given the code to watch the conference at that first link above.

I have registered but I am not seeing any video. How do I attend the conference?

Hi. I think that Sharon has her audio muted and forgot to turn it on

Hi, Donna!
When you registered, you should have received an email confirmation with a code/password. See the post above yours for the link for the live video feed!

Or you can use Kasey’s link here:

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Thanks Clive. I finally did. Wow, the conference is fantastic. Cried twice.


Does anyone know why my questions aren’t going in Pigeonhole? I have put in multiple questions (some anonymous, some with my name), but neither are working. It does say they are submitted, I think, but none are showing up. Thanks!

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Hi Karina, sorry about that, it sometimes takes questions a while to go through and get approved in the system. Give it a bit more time, and hopefully they’ll go through!

Okay, thank-you! I think my questions are getting through now. I guess it just took longer than I thought :slight_smile: