Healing in Other Religious faith

(Surjith Emmanuel Jireh) #1

In every religion, there are religious activities to heal and cast out devils work. When we know that Hindus, Buddhas, Muslims and other religions (Apart from Christianity) are not worshiping the True God how they can do these works. If they are making the people to move away from the true God it has to be the work fo Satan!

But in Mathew 12:26 says " If Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then can his kingdom stand?"

How can we address this?



(SeanO) #2

@surjith.neyan While there are certainly evil spiritual forces in the world, I do not think we need to jump to the conclusion that claims of healing in other religions are the result of such forces. Truthfully, many healing claims may simply be false - people have an amazing ability to convince themselves something happened that did not…

However, if a healing was the work of an evil spiritual force, that would not be the same as satan driving out satan. Not all sickness is the result of evil spirits - much illness is simply part of the natural world. Also, if the healing resulted in the person being more enslaved to false religions, then that would actually further, not hinder, satan’s agenda…

I think there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • we must critically evaluate any claim of the miraculous - their claim may be false or lacking evidence
  • miracles are not the main evidence of the Christian faith - the life, death and resurrection of Jesus is the main evidence
  • simply because one miracle claim is false does not mean they are all false - in fact, 99% could be false and yet 1% true - so each claim must be evaluated on its own merit. Some Christians who claim miracles are no doubt incorrect, but that does not mean all claims are false.
  • there are bad spiritual forces in the world - it is unclear to me whether or not they could heal, but perhaps it is possible

Jesus grant you wisdom :slight_smile: