Healthcare right of conscience - ROC

I am part of CMDA (Christian Medical & Dental Association). We are developing curriculum to present to our local church’s on difficult topics. I’m involved in the ROC subject. We will generate 10-20 questions and the refine the answers. It will be a 2 hour class/discussion.
I wanted to query the RZIM community to get your input on the discussion/questions. Thanks for your help.


I’m an RN medicine
I think most dr here are atheists. Assisted death happens a lot now and I cant tell you how wrong or what truly goes on or they would fire me.
On another note. I’m super evangelical and try to be wise. My boss pulled me into office asking actually warning me in a round about way… evangelizing. Just talking g about God.
Once I saw a dr put in a psychiatry consult because of the patients extreme faith in God. A misunderstanding. Anyway i hope to join the discussions

@dbholck You may find some of the following resources helpful :slight_smile:

Thanks SeanO. These are important topics but I am focusing on ROC only. Such as can a doctor refuse to give a male, female hormones or not refer for abortion? Or a pharmacist refuse to fill a morning after pill? What are your thoughts?

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Thanks. Have you ever had to assist with a procedure (manybe abortion) that is morally objectionable to you?

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@dbholck Personally I think part of maintaining a truly multicultural society is that, withing bounds, you have to allow people to obey their conscience. If you trample on that right, you are going to end up oppressing one group or another. So I think people should have the right to not violate your own conscience in these matters. Now, how to behave in an actual work environment where you are contractually obligated to do something is different - perhaps we must be wise in not accepting jobs that cause us to violate our conscience?

nearly every single shift I am one of the cogs in the wheel going round and round forcing people to go on breathing that should ethically be allowed to follow the natural course of life and end of life.
a medical hospital that is atheist and prioritizes teaching new staff how to keep the machine/body going, improving when often the big picture is that family is not ready to let go or overly insistent upon doing all we can do medically to keep the person alive. intubating patients, artificial feeding tubes on people mostly brain dead. keeping them alive for what?
I as the nurse am the one filling the feeding bag, etc. doing all of the hands on practical care that is keeping them alive.
Morally objectiionable? every week… thousands of times.


I suppose we keep them alive until the family is ready to say goodbye. This is a ministry too. One might ask is the patient suffering as a result? This is why it’s so important for all of us (including you and me) to prepare in advance for end of life. Promote living wills, power of attorney and the like. Let’s all communicate how we want to die. The opposite of course is morally objectionable- physician assisted suicide or as in Holland euthanasia.

Honey maybe you are there to provide comfort to the families by a kind word, smile or expression of sympathy. Have you asked the Lord why he placed you there and what he would have you do? I pray you would get a refreshed vision of your service to the dying and their families.


every week end I spend 30 hours and many of those providing intimate Christ centred spiritual support. no doubting why or what I am doing there. and providing for my family.

Sounds like you are indeed being used by God.

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