Heaven or/and New Earth?!

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I thought a lot about Gods plan and how it should have been since the beginning in the garden eden. So my question is, we christians always talk about heaven as our final destination with God. But what is with the new earth God is going to make? (mentioned in Revelations). When God created everything in the beginning didnt he intended it to be the right place where he wants his created beings to be? Or is heaven just more the description for the new lifestyle (the things that there is no such evil, no tears, no sin, etc. ?) we have when we’ll meet the Lord?

Poor english btw. :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help.

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Good question, @sunrise! It is true that we talk about Christians dying and going to heaven, because that is where the dead in Christ go to now (II Corinthians 5:8 and 12:2-4) until the end of this fallen creation we currently live in.

But someday, God is going to uncreate this sin-cursed heaven and earth, and make a new heaven and earth where there is no more sin. And then God will dwell on the new earth with His redeemed forever (Revelation 21:1-5).

Because the presence of God - whether in the third heaven beyond the stars or on the new earth forever - the presence of God is what makes heaven so heavenly - which I think is what you were driving at in your final question. Like the hymn says, “If Jesus is there, it will be heaven for me!”

I hope this answers what you were wondering about.

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