Heidi Mitchell

Hello Everyone!

My name is Heidi Mitchell, and am from PA.

I was led to join Connect after completing the Core Module, and learned about this awesome community.

I hope to contribute in conversations as well as asking questions…

Thanks to the team for being so welcoming…blessed to have found RZim!


Welcome to Connect, @HeidiMitchell! I’m loving this family portrait…esp. your little one’s face! :grinning: The best… :joy: We’re glad you’ve joined us and we pray this community will be one that strengthens and encourages you in your journey with our great God!


Heidi, when I welcome you, it is so much easier to because I see you. I think I am the only one in Connect who desires pictures to “see” who I am talking to and praying for. I love it - seeing the whole family!

Please get involved as so many join and probably are actively reading what others say but engage yourself.

I’m not giving you a sales pitch but I’d love to invite you to at least check out a group that I am involved with that both memorizes scripture and prays for each other. Go to How and Why to Memorize Scripture,

Have a great time in Connect!!

Thanks for the warm welcome, Tim!

I love seeing pictures, too …helps put a face with a name, for sure!

Looking forward to checking out all the great opportunities within the Connect community :slight_smile:

Have a great day!


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Hi Heidi and welcome to Connect. I have also joined this great community after completing the Core Module recently. In fact, I wonder if we may have been in the same group. Praying that the Lord will richly bless you as you seek to engage with the discussions and that you will grow in the knowledge of God.

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