Heidi Paulec

Introductory Greetings ~

Heidi Paulec here - currently living in southwest Florida, USA… but I was born in Wyoming & have lived in Chicagoland among other places, so I do know hardy winters, too. Educator & Writer. And now doing some college-prep coaching on the side, too. Married for 23 years so far. Homeeducated two presidential scholars at respective universities with one homeschool student left at home. Working on getting a hope-flowing book for suicide survivors published here in the near future.

After completing Core Module and Why Suffering elective in RZIM Academy, I desire to continue to connect, to learn, to grow, to empathize, to extend compassion with greater boldness and deeper humility… so I am here.

Hoping to glean and contribute together. Thank you for making this platform available.


Hi Heidi!

Good to see you here!


Welcome aboard @heidipaulec. Wow! You have been busy. I lived by Laramie when I was little - Rock River. Sounds like the Lord has been very good. Home schooling with such great results bodies well for a forum such as this. Many need guidance and care. With the foundations too from your background and academy involvement many will be blessed with your help. I hope Connect is s blessing in your life as well. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi @heidipaulec welcome :slightly_smiling_face: I am with @Keldon_Scott, wow! I trust that as you engage here, you will be a blessing to many. Congratulations on completing the courses. How did you like the Why Suffering elective? Looking forward to your interaction here :slightly_smiling_face:


Good morning Heidi.
Southwest panhandle is where my daughter’s family is located they are children’s Pastors. She home schooled also till she went to work outside the home. It does make a huge difference in learning. So glad to have you add to our forum with your knowledge and wisdom. Your heart for the hurting is inspiring, look forward to hope-flowing book.


Thank you, Jon. Grateful to gather among you all. Good to reunite over here.

Greetings @Keldon_Scott ! Love that Wyoming connection! Our family homesteads reach into Nebraska, so we’re east of that area. Grateful to be among this community. Hoping to glean & contribute, for sure. I’ll be getting familiar with format through the holidays, and I plan to prioritize time in new year. How often do you enter this space & engage? Curious to know about how I should plan.


Thank you, Mike. Love that your daughter knows the joys of investing in children. Homeschooling was a surprising Grace and Mercy to me… something I really did not have confidence for in the beginning, but His Grace is Sufficient. He used it to grow courage and compassion, for sure.


@sig Thank you~ Grateful to be among you all. The Why Suffering elective is excellent. Not an easy subject matter to traverse, but such a need in our day. Learning to define terms - like distinguishing between lament and selfish complaining- is helpful.
A couple take-aways:
1.) Expecting, Enduring & Equipping for Suffering is part of taking up our cross daily to follow Jesus.
2.) The place of Prayer as we follow Him - both in our own suffering as well as when we suffer alongside those He calls us to love with endurance through their turbulent times.

His Providence had me in the elective as I was completing my book proposal. I am awed still at how hard that process was/is, and yet ~ His Provision of this wisdom encouraged me to go deeper and increased my compassion and endurance, for sure.
I highly recommend the elective.


Great question. Actually as an aside my maternal side of the family is from Nebraska. Very small world. As to frequency please do as you are led. This forum is really for you at your discretion. There are some leadership positions that do require some additional commitment, but check in from time to time. Read the threads that interest you. Engage as you are blessed. I checkin during my devotions in the morning most days. But, that is because I love greeting new members and helping where I can. I hope you enjoy connecting here. Kel.