Hello all

(Raj Daniels) #1

Hi, my name is Raj. I frequently listen to podcasts and read material by Ravi Zacharias. As I grow in my faith and study the Bible, I find myself coming up with more questions that I hope to discuss.

(Melvin Greene) #2

Hi @Rajesh! Welcome to Connect!

This is a great place to be if you have questions about the Bible. This is also a great place to be if you need to be lifted up in prayer. RZIM has done an outstanding job putting this site together. I find it easy to navigate, but if you have questions about the site, you can go to the tutorial section.

God bless, Rajesh!

(Noel Garcia) #3

Welcome Raj!! I am new as well. It’s great to have you here!

(Sara Isaac) #4

Hello Raj! I came here from your question :slight_smile: I am really glad that you joined. I am also glad that you are getting involved. Keep it coming. What part of the world are you from?

(Raj Daniels) #5

I currently live in Hawaii, but I grew up in Texas. I appreciate the welcomes!