Hello brothers and sisters in Christ!

Hi I’m Daniel I’m 16 years old and am from Virginia
And have been a Christian for around a year. I grew up in the Church but was unrepentant of sin and did not love God, and after Jesus granted me forgiveness and repentance I found myself having doubts and I was unsure of the validity of Christianity, so I sought answers to my questions and found them, RZIM has played a significant roll in my walk with Christ. I absolutely love the body of Christ but few of the people from the Church seem to take these matters as severely as I do, so I want to engage with people who can teach me things and perhaps I may be able to offer some help to my brothers and sisters in this community of like minded believers.


Hi Daniel and great to hear of your new life in Christ and your search for a more solid basis for your faith. It is always uplifting to read of any new Christian seeking for answers in order to become more certain of their faith and that they actually have some bedrock to stand on. When I was your age and first starting in church, I would have loved somebody like you to help take me on the journey that you have been on and are continuing to journey on. Keep hungering after the things of God and He will place you in positions of influence to young and old alike.

God bless :slight_smile:



Thank you for the encouragement brother!


Hi @Daniel.S ,

So glad to have you joining us here on Connect!

I am glad you are bringing your questions and looking for engagement with brothers and sisters who are similarly intent on pressing into challenges surrounding our faith so that we can learn together. I hope that through your interactions here—be it by posting questions or by offering responses to other questioners—you will be encouraged in your love for Jesus, and strengthened in your life, faith, and witness.

Welcome to Connect, Daniel!


Welcome Daniel! I appreciate your search for the truth and am glad you have found it in the truth of the gospel. I pray that you find answers to your many questions and have the opportunity to help others on Connect. :blush:


Hello Daniel! Welcome to Connect! May God bless you and use this platform to draw you closer to Himself.


Hi @Daniel.S, welcome to connect :heart: What an encouraging introduction! I am thankful you found the truth. I was just reading in the book of John before logging on here. Particularly 14:16-17
16 And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Counselor to be with you forever.17 He is the Spirit of truth. The world is unable to receive Him because it doesn’t see Him or know Him. But you do know Him, because He remains with you and will be in you.
We are so blessed to have this truth :latin_cross:
Thank you for your heart in wanting to help your community.
God bless🙏🏼


Welcome aboard @Daniel.S. So glad you have joined with us and that you have found answers that you needed. Stay strong. Your choice at such a young age are really good. I hope you find the discussions intriguing and enjoyable. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome @Daniel.S! Glad you found your way here!


Hello @Daniel.S! It’s great to have a trusted forum where we can ask, discuss, and grow together!



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I was in the same position at 16. I am delighted that you have found Ravi at your age. Blessings on your pursuit of Jesus Christ. I understand your struggles well with the body of Christ. I have always been in church and share a similar experience. I love the body of Christ like you do.

I saw your post and wanted to offer a word of blessing. Glad to meet you on RZIM Connect!



Thank you so much Eddie

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Hi Daniel!
I became a Christian at 13 years old and it has been a wonderful journey with the Lord (now I’m 53). However, I would loved to have the material, videos, talks and good reasoning in apologetics we have now. Due to the lack of resources we had here in Peru, I became a searcher for myself, finding Ravi and others, so, if there is any question or enquiry you would like to raise, maybe this brother in Christ would have something to share :slight_smile:
Blessings from Peru, Aldo


Yo, bro in Him. I’m believin’ U’ll be livin’ right up to that name, D., just like in the Book. So, welcum much. Invite a pal like U – sum of us old folks (youngun’s, 2) surely need nUer perspects, know what i’m meanin’?

Peace all over you, an’ inside too!.. :grin:


Thank you aldo I appreciate it and absolutely I try not to take the resources for granted


Welcome to connect Daniel. I am sure the RZIM connect family will help you grow in your faith.

God bless


Good to meet you Daniel. Your story resonates with me. I was in a very similar place when I was young and didn’t find any help until someone handed me a copy of Mere Christianity when I was 20 years old. God used that book (and C. S. Lewis’ writings) to change my life! Until I met C. S. Lewis, I wondered if there were any intelligent Christians in the world (I hadn’t met any myself, I felt, at that point in life), Now I know there are many thinking believers in the world to the praise of Almighty God. I grew up in MA but live in VA now.
Keep thinking and learning and growing!! God is mind boggling and stunning in his excellency!


Wow yes thank you for sharing that, I felt the same exact way. I was wondering why is it that seemingly all the intellectuals are atheists, but I was very wrong in that. May God bless you sir


Your welcome Daniel. I grew up in the 1970’s,…(getting old now : )…and then, as now, there were many societal pressures and influences that made it “cool” to reject any authority (especially any ultimate authority like God!) and pursue what was believed to be complete moral freedom to do whatever one wanted without any sense of moral guilt. As C. S. Lewis points out, being intelligent only allows one to be more clever and convincing if one is bent on selfish autonomy, or “being one’s own boss”. (the devil is more dangerous because he is highly intelligent, Lewis points out!). I learned it really wasn’t about level of intelligence as it was a matter of the will (I went on to become a chemical engineer in my studies and career which required lots of involved reason and thinking). Follow the truth wherever it leads! God guide you and bless you!