Hello from Croatia!

I’m Aleksandar, I’m 32 years old and I live in Croatia. God reached out to me 7 years ago when I was in my darkest hour in life. I got here when the question was raised in my mind about why did God created us. I found one of the forum discussion really helpfull so I decided to sign in.


Hi Aleksendar @Aleksandar
What a privilege to meet you. Welcome! To Connect. Your testimony is amazing and I thank God for your life. So how has been your christian journey so far…? how is Croatia doing for Christ? I am delighted to know that one of the group is helpful to you. I pray you will find some more.

Your questions to faith is very significant. You can share some with us at your discretion, we love you and please be free to share your testimonies and prayer request with us. You can also contribute to subjects that interest you.

A great decision. Congratulations
Grace and Mercy


Welcome @Aleksandar! So glad that you are here! So happy that you found the forums helpful and that God has reached out to you through them. You will find this a warm and hospitable place to ask your questions and share your prayer requests.


Thank you for your warm welcome!

My journey so far… At first it was really tough because I was confronted with family rejection and that was hard period. But Lord kept me safe and close to His love and He was my strenght in those days. From the day one of my conversion Lord brought me in a good and healthy local church and since then I served in many ways for God and His people, for example, I play guitar and bass guitar in worship team, I served with a cleaning stuff, and lately I was given a chance to stand at a pulpit to encourage God’s people through preaching the Word.

In the same local church I met my beautiful wife and we got married 4 years ago. :slight_smile:

Croatian people are hungry for Christ but, unfortunately they don’t know they are. Also, Croats are really stuborn people and it’s hard to reach to their hearts. Population is 4 million, but there is just 1% of a newborn believers, so there is much to do to share the Gospel.

P.s. sorry for my english, I’m not using it pretty much but I hope there would be not much trouble with reading and understanding of my words.



@Aleksandar Nice to meet you!


Welcome aboard @Aleksandar. So glad you found us and chose to connect. God-bless your efforts in Croatia. I pray that your ministry is effective and kind to bring in the 99%. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope this site is a blessing to you. Please contribute is frequently as you are able as I am sure you will be a blessing to us as well. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome Aleksandra,
That is very encouraging to here, I try to answer some of the questions here.

thank you…

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Hi Aleksandar!
You found such a great place to answer your questions.
Welcome and bless you!


Hi There from Canada! I’m always happy to meet so many people from different countries and cultures. I’m amazed at the diversity and happy to see how God j ivies is all in his ever expanding family! Welcome!