Hello from Gina in the PNW

Hi there!

I live in a small boating town near Seattle, WA.

I discovered Just Thinking at the start of my Christian walk, nearly 15 years ago, which eventually led me to the RZIM Academy courses. So far, I’ve completed the Core Module and the Science Elective, and I’m signed up for the Bible Elective next spring. I love learning and growing alongside this community—from the apologists to the moderators to all of you.

It’s a pleasure reading everyone’s posts and responses!



Hi Gina and it is great to have you join the Connect. It is always nice to meet others who have the apologetics bug :smile:. The Bible elective is really an interesting course and I see they have added a lot more material since I did it a few years back. Well worth doing. Have you been able to apply what you have learnt through the courses within your home community?



Great to meet you, @ginahint - may you have wonderful conversations on Connect!


Welcome to connect @ginahint. It is great to have you with us. I love just thinking pod cast also. I also believe this forum is very blessed Academy alumni joining in coming alongside the membership here. Congratulations on completing the courses that you have. I do believe that those fundamentals are awesome and need to be shared as much as possible. I bless you and your journey.


Wow! I only just found this. Maybe i Wil be asking you a bunch of questions.


Thanks for the warm welcome, Brian!

Yes! I’m in the process of building an apologetics workshop for my church and have had lots of 1:1 conversations where the content was useful.

I’m glad to hear that the Bible elective was worthwhile!


Ask away!

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Thanks so much, Keldon!

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Thank you, James! Nice to meet you too!

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