Hello from South Carolina

(Gordon Mc Eachin ) #1

Hello brothers and sister in Christ,

I found this site this morning after I had a discussion with a co-worker. I found myself at a loss to use what I know about my faith and beliefs. I froze for a moment and the blurted something out that they easily rebuffed as not said by Jesus.

I immediately went to my bible to find out that Jesus did in fact not say what I thought He did.

I was angry and disappointed with myself that with all my reading and studying I couldn’t rebuke what they said. So I set out to find a resource that I could trust. I am here to seek wisdom and knowledge from others to bolster what I read in the Bible.

Thank you!!


(SeanO) #2

@GordonSC Welcome to Connect! May the Lord grant you wisdom, knowledge and humility as you share your faith with those around you. I really like RZIM’s focus - when we receive a question or challenge from the world around us, we should be sure to answer the questioner and not just the question. Look forward to interacting out on the forums and may the Lord bless your time on Connect.

(Jimmy Sellers) #3

Hello fellow South Carolinian. It is a small world we live in. I think everyone here has had that “deer in the headlights moment” at one time or another in their Christian walk. You will find that this a wonderful community of like minded believers that desires nothing more that to reach the person behind the question. looking forward to your input. Have you looked at the course material offer by RZIM? If you have not I recommend it.
On a side note are in you in Greenville? I work in Greenville.

(Gordon Mc Eachin ) #4

Good Evening Jimmy I live in Taylors. Just outside Greenville. I haven’t seen those resources yet but I will be looking for them soon.

(Joshua Spare) #5

Welcome, @GordonSC! I hope you haven’t been affected by Florence, or if you have, that you and your family are safe and well! I hear that there is more to come from the storm.

I resonante immensely with your story; there seems far too many times when the right words don’t seem to come to mind! The good news is twofold: first, although the Holy Spirit is more than able to use our words in bringing about someone’s conversion, there is absolutely no dependence on our ability! And second, you have found your way here to Connect, where I am sure that you will find many opportunities to sharpen your intellect and grow your heart for the people around you. I do hope and pray that you grow in wisdom and knowledge through your engagement here! Again, welcome to Connect!

(Carson Weitnauer) #6

Hi @GordonSC,

Welcome to Connect! It is a really unpleasant feeling to realize we aren’t sure what to say when someone challenges our belief in Jesus. As you put it, “angry and disappointed with myself”. I totally understand - I’ve been there too!

We’d love to hear their objection and help you formulate an answer. Anytime they ask you a question you can’t answer, you can say, “Let me look into that and get back to you.” Share it here and we’ll keep helping out! We’d really consider it a privilege to serve you and your friends in this way.

To build your foundation, I strongly recommend the RZIM Academy: http://rzimacademy.org. Their courses will help you have a more empathetic and prepared approach to these conversations. You also may want to do the Everyday Questions small group with friends at church: http://everydayquestions.org. It will encourage all of you to build better friendships and share Jesus - at the same time!

I look forward to getting to know you.