Hello! Glad to be part of RZIM Connect!

(Sarah West) #1

Hi everyone! Happy to join in the RZIM Connect family. Over the summer, I went through the Core Module of RZIM and planning to take the Bible elective in Spring. I have loved my RZIM community. Just a little about me. I’m a mom of two, currently living in the Auburn, Al area. I’ve been blessed for the last several years to work from home while I homeschool my children. When times allows, I speak and teach around my own personal writing. I also volunteer as the Communications Director for Grassroots Apologetics for Parents, a group that is bringing apologetics into the church through various resources. Its been a great first year with GAP. Glad to connect with you all!

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Wow, what an amazing thing you do, @Swest!!! Core module? Done! Homeschooling your children? Nailed it! Volunteer for an Apologetics for Parents group? Legendary! We’re so glad that you have found your way to the Connect community. It is my hopeful expectation that you would be blessed by this platform and that the community would also benefit greatly by having you be apart of it. Welcome to CONNECT, my sister!!!

(Sarah West) #3

I appreciate the warm welcome! Happy to be a part of this great community!

(Keldon Scott) #4

Welcome aboard @Swest. So glad you have joined. I have loved the courses offer through The Academy as well. I am confident you will enjoy The Bible elective. May the Lord’s guidance be with you as you engage in the apologetics for children. It is such a awesome task that you’ve taken on. I hope you enjoy your time here. Let us know some of the things that are happening with your ministry. God-bless

(Kathleen) #5

Welcome, @Swest! We’re glad you’ve joined us here on Connect. Also amazing to have another Southerner on here. :wink: I’m originally from Memphis and had a number of good friends who went to Auburn. I’ve been down there a couple of times and enjoyed myself immensely! (Though, I can’t resist asking if you’re more RTR or WDE?) I pray that God continues to bless your GAP program (love it!) and we look forward to seeing you out in the forum.

(Sarah West) #6

Hey @KMac. I’m originally from Mississippi and a graduate of Southern Miss so my allegiance, and money, stays there!!SMTT! Lol! If forced to pick, I’m WDE all the way! Thanks for the warm welcome!

(Sarah West) #7

Im excited to take Bible and how it will aid my teaching in the home. I think my kids get tired of me talking about Ravi and the instructors. Lol! Thanks for the welcome!