Hello, I am Ayoub Samson from Tanzania Eastern Africa

I have been following teachings and conversations by Ravi for almost three months now. In one of the conversations "Where does our values come?, I got the info to join this community

My expectations is to be a good apologetic rooted in Love and gentleness as always Ravi states in his teachings

I’m glad to be here


@Ayoub_Samson Nice to meet you!

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Hi Ayoub!

Welcome! I love your heart for these values and the consideration that demonstrates for other people. Your unique voice will be a blessing in the discussions here.


Hi Ayoub, what a blessing you found connect, I look forward to meeting and hearing all that you want to learn, and how you will share your personal take on many issues that apologetics face. Your basis rooted in sincere Christ love is the true key in speaking truth.Be encourage in your search my friend.


Welcome @Ayoub_Samson - do you have a church in Tanzania near you? Are you near Arusha or Morogoro?

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There are many of them sir.
54% of the Tanzanians professes to be Christians.

Welcome aboard @Ayoub_Samson. We are glad that you have decided to join connect from Tanzania. I truly hope that this forum blesses your life. Thank you for wanting to be the best apologist with gentleness and love. That will get you a solid foundation to build on. God-bless you and your journey.

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So good to have you as a part of this community! I am excited to hear from you as you grow and share your thougts :slight_smile:



So amazed of your passion to be a good apologetic rooted in love and gentleness. That’s the right character of good apologetic and Ravi sets it for us by reflecting the splendor of our Savior Jesus.

May we know what are your learning from “Where does our value come from?”

God bless.